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Legacy Campaign query.

Is it an oversight, or is there a reason why the Quest "Battle For Sharandar" doesn't count toward the Legacy Campaign Weekly "Fury of The Feywild"?


  • mordekai#1901 mordekai Member Posts: 1,598 Arc User
    edited July 2019
    It also appears, having just tried it, that the Tyranny of Dragons Quest"Reclaiming The Hoard" doesn't count toward the Legacy Campaign "Tyranny of Dragons Adventures". (Though it DOES count toward "Well of Dragons Support")

    Unlike the Maze Engine Quests, which are very clearly linear in nature, Tyranny of Dragons, as a campaign, was progressed through unlocking and essentially buying everything, stage by stage, with currencies earned from all quests in the Campaign, including Reclaiming The Hoard.

    Since I started writing this I decided to check whether the OTHER Tyranny quests (The ones got from Harper Boward in PE) will count... "Protecting the Portal", and "Culling the Cultists".
    Nope... So that's at least THREE (I'm not bothering killing a dragon or running "Common Cause" just to find they don't either) Tyranny of Dragons Campaign Quests that don't count toward Tyranny od Dragons campaign quests...

    And OK, "Well of Dragons - Demon Hunting" doesn't count either, but that was never part of the "Tyranny of Dragons" Campaign.
    The others are though... so why don't they count toward this Legacy Campaign?

    It's not like Sharandar, where you can go to three different zones, and get 12 individual daily quests from which to choose your 5... or (and you might want to look at this...) Maze Engine where you can re-do the drinking contest every half an hour... and just run that on five occasions when you have a spare 5 minutes...
  • mordekai#1901 mordekai Member Posts: 1,598 Arc User
    And another...

    In the "Shadowmantle Adventures" weekly, could someone explain why "A Chamber of Horrors" and "Phantasmal Fortress" are both OK for the Legacy Campaign, but "Ritual of the Dracolich" doesn't count?
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