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Change or Bug? Cannot use Prestigious Healing Potions or the Intense Injury Kits till level 80???

dionchidionchi Member Posts: 888 Arc User
OK at level 71 I sell all of my Major injury Kits because my character is no longer able to use them after level 70 and purchase a bunch of Intense Injury Kits... I also sell my all of my Exalted Healing potions for seed money to purchase Prestigious Healing potions because above level 70 they are much more handy.

Now all of a sudden None of my characters can use either the Prestigious Healing Potions nor the Intense Injury Kits until they reach level 80 meaning I have to go back and buy Major Injury Kits and Exalted Healing Potions after selling them!!!

What the hell's going on?


  • auron#6793 auron Member Posts: 316 Arc User
    This is WAI some potions and kits can only be used at certain levels.
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  • dionchidionchi Member Posts: 888 Arc User
    edited June 2019
    If this is Working As Intended then something has been seriously screwed up since the release of Mod 16.

    As I stated, I was unable to use (or equip) Major injury Kits after level 70 - or upon reaching level 71.

    Now above level 70 but below level 80, I am no longer able to equip the Intense Injury Kits (they all got put into overflow) and now I'm back to having to use Major Injury Kits after selling a BUNCH of them off to purchase Intense Injury Kits.

    "WAI" ??? I don't think so... :angry:
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