Mod 16 Mount Insignia: Which Stack, Which are Bugged?

tribbulater Member Posts: 180 Arc User
I've seen various reports that 'Mount X has no insignia bonus', 'Bonus set X does not work', 'Bonus X is bugged and actually harms you' (Knights Defense).

I also notice that certain insignia bonus sets either have the wrong tooltip (Barbarians Revelry and Delight both say "Heal 1% on critical strike") and/or would seem to have odd stacking effects.

IIRC, in previous mods, when you applied two mount insignia bonuses that affected the same thing, the second one would only be 25% (or less) effective. This also seemed to show up in the tooltips when you pointed at the mounts. Eg., putting on an effect that said 'adds 1%', and then one that said 'adds 0.5%', you would get a result that said 'adds 1.12%'. I'm a bit fuzzy on that as I only checked it a couple times, but it was something like that.

Now, if I have two mount bonuses that do the same thing, they just both say whatever their original tooltip says.

Does anyone have a summary or test report anywhere that maybe shows what stacking similar mount insignia bonuses does, and also lists the Changed/Not Working/Bugged insignia?