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Bad design of gear bonuses

adinosiiadinosii Posts: 3,739Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
Many players enjoy improving their performance by improving their gear - in fact, for some it is a major motivation.

This typically means getting the latest, greatest and "shiniest" stuff - but sometimes old, or lower-level stuff is actually BiS - remember High Vizier and High Prophet ?

With the gear available in Mod 16, there are some really strange things, as the item bonuses for some of the higher tier items are significantly inferior to those of the lower-tier ones.

Consider for example the Spy guild head pieces, with a +5% damage in Undermountain. and the IL 950 ME drops. The Runed Apprentice and Successor items have higher stats, but much worse bonuses. Some of the bonuses of those pieces are just irrelevant, as they give a conditional boost to some stat that players will probably have maxed out anyhow. Other bonuses are outright bad - I particularly dislike the Successor gear with the bonus that summons an undermountain creature to "help" you, but that critter only positions itself between you and the target, so your at-wills fail to hit - you far too frequently get just a warning about it not being a valid target (and seriously, why on earth am I able to target a "helper" with an offensive power ... it makes no sense). So, that one is on my "avoid, avoid, avoid" list.

So why design gear so the "higher tier" items are less desirable than the lower-tier ones. Isn't this a textbook example of not seeing the "big picture" ?
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