Potions and Buff items need updating

tribbulater Member Posts: 180 Arc User
I've noticed that a large number of effects in the game have become mostly useless. Since stats were changed where 1,000 stat points equates to a 1% gain, there are many buffs and bonuses that give 200, 325, 375 and similar bonus amounts. It used to be that (unless you were a highly geared, 15k+ IL player), you had stats that were in the 9,000 to 15,000 range, and so a buff of 300-ish was at least a 2% or so increase. Not great but 2% added to another buff or two is at least slightly useful.

Now, even level 65 potions that give +1,000 stats only give, at most, a 1% increase. Many buffs give so little points relative to the new stats that they aren't even worth a single mouse-click to activate. Even healing potions that give 25,000 or 35,000 HP at level 70 are next to useless - most characters at that level now have 150,000 or more HP and these potions amount to healing a couple scratches with an 18 second cooldown.

There are also a number of companion, weapon ability etc. effects that give so little stats/boost that again, they would be impossible to even detect unless you parsed a couple dungeon runs for a .001% change or something.

I'm sure Cryptic has many issues on the 'fix it' list (at least, I certainly hope they do, but you know, Cryptic...) but having literally dozens if not hundreds of common items/effects become useless probably isn't good for the development of the game or the new players they will need after this mod.