The LEAST painful way to fix the AD exchange.



  • krumple01
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    The best way to fix the exchange is to get rid of it entirely. Push some needs into the wonderous bazar for prizes you want them to stay and everything solved. If people don't want to grind their AD, they have to use their credit card and people, who don't want to pay real cash, have to grind to theitr daily cap. Problem solved!

    No. It wouldn't solve a problem instead it would make a new problem you have neglected to consider.

    Player 1: Doesn't spend any money, grinds out their AD. They are limited to daily refinement caps and selling items on AH.

    Player 2: Pulls out credit card and buys five hundred million AD.

    This causes players to increase their sales prices on the AH hoping to sucker in those players with disposable cash to dump their millions of AD into the AH.

    The exchange of Zen to AD is a method to prevent direct AD purchases. If no players are putting AD in the player buying ZEN still has a difficult time making AD. This prevents massive inflation.