Ability Scores

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1. comparing character creation with no con and + 3 con result with +3 HP (from 454 to 457) which is less then 1% per 3 con point... is that mean con is useless

2. on lever 40 boosting charisma on wizard make 2 encounter reduce CD for 0.1 second while other encounter didnt reduce CD at all...

3. looks to me that only str/int and dex work fine with 0.5 dmg/crit severity boost per point...

is there anywhere i can find how ability scores work please?


  • vendood
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    I've checked ability score boosts on several characters so far. What I've noticed is that in general, stats give so little increase per point that they are hardly worth thinking about. Max two stats and you add maybe 3-4% to whatever they affect.

    (Edit: Example - 8 STR = 2% Physical Damage Boost. 22 STR = 5.5% Physical damage boost)

    It's similar with most buffs in the game. Buffs that used to give 200-1000 points to some player stats were at least slightly useful. Now they are a fraction of one percent (up to 1%). Why the heck am I bothering to carry potions, or trigger buffs, or have a power or companion ability that adds less than one percent to something?

    Even many new powers, companion, and mount bonuses have effects that are so small they are hardly relevant.

    Apparently the 'new' Neverwinter is: "Don't worry about stats, buffs, effects and bonuses. They all together add up to less than 10% of the preset power we gave everyone the same."