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[PC] Dungeon Scaling

nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,474 Community Manager
edited May 2019 in News & Announcements

As part of our continued fixes, we are addressing the following dungeon issues with tomorrow's patch

Enemies and Encounters

Castle Ravenloft
  • The Portal of Power now has significantly less health.
  • Theft of Vitae no longer goes through Block.
  • A couple other fixes have been made to the Sisters encounter.
Temple of Tiamat
  • Devils and Erinyes has had their damage output significantly reduced.
  • The item level requirement to enter this trial have been increased by 1000.
  • The scaled item level for this trial has been increased by 1000, which should result in a significant buff for players above the previous target.
  • Spellplague Caverns (Master): Kabal should no longer stay invulnerable after being hit by a fireball.
  • Throne of the Dwarven Gods: Thoon Hulks now properly complete their charge attacks on distant targets.
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods: Defiant Souls have had their health significantly reduced.

Greetings Adventurers,

As we all know, Undermountain was a significant update that affected almost every aspect of the game and gameplay. We wanted to let our players know that, despite our very best efforts, we’re aware that there are some problems occurring with scaling in some of our dungeons.

We apologize that players are having a bad experience and want to assure you that the Neverwinter team is committed to finding and addressing these issues as soon as possible. It is our goal to provide both a challenging and enjoyable experience for everyone and we ask for your patience as we continue to identify, evaluate and re-tune scaling abnormalities across Faerun. Today we updated the game with several fixes to some of the more popular areas such as Malabogs Castle, Tomb of the Nine Gods and Demogorgon. More will come in the following days.

We would also take this opportunity to ask for your help in this matter, if you are, or become aware of a dungeon or area exhibiting this kind of behavior, please use THIS thread to report the problem and the team will get to it as soon as they can!

Happy adventuring!
The Neverwinter Team
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  • navras#4653 navras Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    nice to see addressed dungeon problems got fixed(server is not on but i assume those 2 will be fixed.) Dude in my party had insisted that souls were broken but couldnt see them because Ras Nsi was constantly hitting us +1m damage lol. FBI run was smooth and doable in every aspect, although the turtle has slighlty more health and drufi's ices sometimes hit not from the red zones. people say mspc is broken and undoable, didnt run it myself but heard this many times, you guys should check this. And tiamat, didnt see anything about Tiamat so i assume it stays broken as well(those devils when clerics appear are hitting too hard and have too much health, i don't know whether the heads are broken or not, couldnt reach that point obviously.)
  • nephrum#6279 nephrum Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited April 2019
    Underdark Campaign: Daily: Defending the Sword Coast: Rescue Slaves from the Drow. Location: Drow Outpost. Mobs are level 81. My 14K level 80 Cleric can't even scratch em.
  • dbr667dbr667 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Demo Goristo and mobs coming through the barrier into re-spawn area, Tiamat as stated above throne of the dwarven gods hulks not charging or stopping short of target as for ELOL have not ran that or Tong as was observing chat in PE. Many Coins bank heist not doable group cant get passed first wave. [email protected] GM Absinthe
  • dbr667dbr667 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    RE my above post, as far as the Undermountain quests themselves Great minus the fact no dungeon yet but the expeditions are quite fun Challenging and make you actually have to look for something before moving on..
  • kreatyvekreatyve Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 10,543 Community Moderator
    All of the "Defending the Sword Coast" maps need to be looked into. I haven't bothered doing them because of all the complaints I have read - the maps scale you to 60, but you have to fight mobs that are 70+ and they are pretty incompletable from what I have seen.
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  • cukaashacukaasha Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited April 2019
    arazith07 said:

    Throne of the Dwarven Gods: The Thoon Hulks are too easily interrupted when they do their charge maneuver. Any attack or player/companion in it's way will cut the charge short.
    Lair of Lostmauth: The Twin Scorpions could use a slight scale back in damage. For Lostmauth himself, the environmental damage is unforgiving, his AOE fireball attack (the 3-4 circle one) does not show red telegraphs until after the ability is used, and his laser vision could use a scale back in damage.
    Tiamat: The Devil mobs, not sure if just legion devils or Erinyes or both, are doing way too much damage, wiping out the entire raid in seconds.

    I echo the hulk charge, its also the same case for the first boss (Before demogorgon) in ndemo. The charges are constantly interrupted and the boss sometime when it does the charge it takes longer time to jump back to the middle.

  • driesy1driesy1 Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited April 2019
    defending the sword coast the only one ive done and will do till its sorted -_-
    the rescue the prisioners from the drow.
    hitting 1-2-3s on them not even a scratch

    also I haven't been able to switch loadouts it does nothing when I try and change from tank to dps ( and yes im on the camp fire)
  • ryonasryonas Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 158 Arc User
    Barovia's Weekly Instanced Quests are hard mobs have a lot of HP, their damage wise is okish but time takes to kill them is a lot
  • alagondar#1394 alagondar Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Kessell`s Retreat - end game boss throw orbs that instakill everyone touched by them, while his beholders do the same with their eye ray. ToDG - hulks do not rush to the shield and now they need to be close to attack it. CN - no teleportation after killing demons in first rifts. Undermountain - invincible ogres inside HE
  • ndasahndasah Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    Defending the Swordcoast - Pirates Skyhold - You Start lvl 60 but the mobs are 81, I can't damage them in the camps at all. (15k Gwf)
  • heraldfayez#8520 heraldfayez Member Posts: 227 Arc User
    kreatyve said:

    All of the "Defending the Sword Coast" maps need to be looked into. I haven't bothered doing them because of all the complaints I have read - the maps scale you to 60, but you have to fight mobs that are 70+ and they are pretty incompletable from what I have seen.

    shouldn't it be because of all the complaints deleted instead of heard
  • pbjohnssonpbjohnsson Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    I really looked forward to Mod 16, truly, but after a few days of playing, or more like "trying to play" I am really sad and disappointed. Most end game dungeons are unplayable. Yah sure, Cloak Tower and such is harder and it is kinda ok but the way the game works with the scaling is silly. Tiamat i just not playable atm. Demogorgon is barely playable and Epic Demo is not.

    Why did you do it like this? What is the purpose of making the entire player base loosing faith in the game? Sadly, I think you are killing the game if you don't listen to your community.
  • tigersclaw#7201 tigersclaw Member Posts: 78 Arc User
    It's good to see fixes coming, Valindra's Tower scaling needs fixing too. I just tried as a barbarian tank. I like a challenge, we did get past a few groups of mobs (after everyone died a few times) but when we reach an area with 10 or more mobs at once, it's not fair anymore, just frustrating and a problem. I'm guessing all tank classes are facing the same problem, I've seen paladins running away from groups of mobs all the time in other dungeons like Lostmouth for example.

    Each mob hits as hard as a boss, can kill a player with 2 shots. As a tank, if I pull aggro (my job) I die way faster because 10 mobs come from all sides, no matter where I move, a bunch of mobs comes from behind me again while I'm facing the 2 or 3 main mobs, very annoying, this has to do with enemy AI and not really the problem, it has always been like this but as a tank, I block the 2 or 3 mobs facing me, my HP is around 400,000, my block can absorb around 3 hits from the mobs facing me but at the same time, while I'm blocking 3 mobs, 7 other small mobs come from behind me and kill me quickly as I can't block from all sides at all times.

    I hope scaling in this and other dungeons gets fixed soon, maybe making mobs do less damage and players do more damage so that my team can kill mobs faster and I'm not surrounded by them all the time. The game was in desperate need of scaling because it was too easy, didn't provide any challenge anymore but this is just not right, not fair.
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