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adders79#8251 adders79 Member Posts: 72 Arc User
Another scaling question but I think a massively important point that has clearly been overlooked. When I check my bondings in a scaled area (Barovia) my bondings only transfer 24% of my comp stats each (72% overall). That is less than a rank 6 bonding runestones. The scaling is meant to scale me to what I would be at to tackle that zone and represent the average player, but there is no way someone who goes to Barovia after tackling the previous contents for months on end only has rank 5/6 bondings which cost about 800 AD each.

I do not know any players that went to Barovia with anything less than rank 9/10 bondings.

It also scales my alt who is level 70 to 30% so when I immediately qualify to go to Barovia you are already implementing massive nerfs to my character

The issue with this is that if I build my character with a particular stat heavily in my companion. Lets use ArP as an example: I have 19k ArP on my comp which with rank 15 bondings gives me 40k ArP, but when I enter a 70 zone this reduced to 13,600. The same reduction is seen across all stats on my companion.

It looks like what you have done is scaled all enchants to a set item level, but with bondings holding a much higher item level than enchants it ends up getting horrible scaling. The same happens with weapon enchants. My vorpal enchant has lower crit severity than on the lowest rank available. You are basically scaling me below the worst rank weapon enchant.

Why don't you bump bondings up to something more reasonable, like rank 10 or 11 for Barovia and see what happens it cannot be worse than how it is now.

My character loses 160k stats from bondings transfer going from level 80 to level 70 content. The fact my level 70 also loses tens of thousands of stats is crazy.


  • tikamage#2445 tikamage Member Posts: 96 Arc User
    Hello.. If I may.... Scaling, is not implimented very well in this game, maybe they should look at how GW2 did it. Though am getting Upset with that game too, making it a Stand around and look pretty game and sure Model and be voted on but then wouldn't that be Barbie goes to Hollywood??? Bet that game works better than this one, at least t probably doesn't crash even getting the lipstick on. Kidding aside after being taught by my man to play and surpassing him, not what I thought would happen but did. I say this Make it like it should be 2 maybe 3 levels each way you can be in that particular instance, lesser Instances shouldn't scale to the lower settings it doesn't really scale right. Used to be NO levels just survive, but levels were introduced to help build stats of which in the last update the ruined. Was playing on my Guardian Fighter and noticed some oddities in Game play for that Character Stats and some Locked for some reason even though they were open on the Skill set. There is so much WRONG with this game I can't understand how so many thing there is nothing wrong, maybe they are just like that Video I posted Fan Boys that have no nothing for mentalities and think even looking pretty gets you scores and points but it doesn't. Bet most of the Girls that play this game like me all are active and do lots of things, but as they Dumb down the game makes me wonder should keep playing.
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