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  • kangkeokkangkeok Member Posts: 1,121 Arc User
    lowjohn said:

    kangkeok said:

    Question 1: I noticed that at will Aimed shot takes 4 times longer to cast than Rapid shot and does 4 times the damage.

    Why does it even exist? The moment a cast is interrupted (for avoiding stuff etc) it falls behind Rapid shot in dps.

    My guess is its risk vs reward. If u are able to pull it off, you are rewarded with a higher dps. In my opinion, that's good. It let u think when to add in aimed shot damage according to the situation permitted.
    But it's not higher DPS. Rapid Shot only does 1/4 of the damage, but fires 4 times in the time it takes Aimed Shot to fire once.

    So: Assuming you're not interrupted, it's the SAME DPS. If you're interrupted, Rapid Shot will have gotten off 1-3 shots for 25%-75% of uninterrupted DPS, but Aimed Shot will do 0.
    Well, assuming the test done by @chemodan007 above is correct? Even if it isn't, Aimed shot dps should be higher than rapid. Its been brought up many times in this thread. That's the correct way to balance it.
  • jokern9929jokern9929 Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    No worries. Fix the animation on rapid strike. Ever since I started playing, the animation keeps glitching out. Kinda like he's having a seizure.
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