Mighty weapons bonus set bug

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In the tooltip of this weapons says, "stacks up to 10 times" but when i use the weapons, the bonus set stack up to 5 times and only get 5% more damage, heal and damage reduction instead of 10%


  • vincentr6669
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    How is that possible that you are activating the set bonus (even if it is only half of it) if so far players only got 6 tokens of heroes? That only buy 1 part of the set.
  • khaozhunter
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    edited February 2019
    i performed the tests in the preview server, the off-hand is not binding, so I copied 2 times my character in the preview, passed the off-hand to the other character and so I have main-hand and off-hand with one.
    Also the people are selling the off-hand in auction house.
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  • atwa#2521
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    Was this ever fixed?