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Ideas for expanding or improving the delivery box?

nunya#5309 nunya Member Posts: 933 Arc User
I would like it very much if we could either expand the delivery box or acquire a way to have deliveries automatically accepted when the box gets full. What are ideas people have for this? Try to keep them thematically/conceptually "on point" so the developers might be more inclined to actually implement them, please.

I have two ideas. The first is simply to be able to task the Retainer to empty the box whenever it gets full. I would be fine if this cost 5 morale every time the Retainer executed this action. For most of the things I do, this would net me more crafted resources in a day than I could get by spending that morale instantly crafting something.

The second idea is to allow us to buy a warehouse near the workshop and have that either expand the number of delivery box slots or simply allow the box to be emptied when full by a warehouse worker (or both).

I suppose a third option is to combine those two ideas in some way. Again, for me, I wouldn't mind paying 5 morale for each such collection. I know others would have a problem with that. Conceptually, NOT having to pay morale works just as well because what else is the Retainer doing all day? S|he would probably appreciate something to do that breaks the monotony of alternating between sweeping the workshop floor and watching paint dry all day. If the developers don't like this idea, I think they at least owe it to us to explain what the Retainer does all day. After all, they gave this more immersive, story-driven professions system. So they have to expect us to wonder what do these people do when we're not there?

Anyway, this is what I came up with while I was thinking about it on the bus on the way to work this morning. What ideas or suggestions do other people have?


  • ecrana#2080 ecrana Member Posts: 1,654 Arc User
    I'm sure the dev's thinking was that if/when they decide to raise workshop levels the delivery box would be expanded with new levels.

    While I would be all for easier delivery box maintenance, I think one of the core ideas for them was to make it so we couldn't just put things on cruise control. Allowing for the retainer to empty the deliver box would be just that.
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