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MC 1 blacksmithing quest hand -in

riskoviveriskovive Posts: 2Member Arc User
Unable to hand-in and complete task forge away.
I have all the correct items and ticks. When trying to hand -in red message pops up....Unable to resolve forge away ( blacksmithing)


  • percemerpercemer Posts: 300Member, Neverwinter Moderator Arc User
    Hello @riskovive,

    This issue is being investigated by the dev team, thank you for your patience and our apologies for the inconvenience.

    Community Coordinator (FR) @ Perfect World Europe B.V.
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  • blyned1#4426 blyned1 Posts: 1Member Arc User
    I have the same issue. After turning in the 100 Adamant ingots +1, the second part, turning in the 3 items, fails. It also shows a ? on the journal entry for the "Turn in 100 Adamantine ingots +1" after turning them in, with a current count of the ones i have in my professions inventory. Maybe the bug is there? Maybe it is trying to get us to turn in an additional 100 ingots? Just my observations.
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