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AI Campaign Gallant Armor

checkmatein3checkmatein3 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 525 Arc User
edited January 2019 in Player Feedback (PC)
This thread is created as a critique of the armor choices for Gallant Armor.

With every campaign release, players alike look at the new armor in terms of stats, build, buffs, debuffs, synergies as well as style/fashion. Players then judge whether the effort to attain the armor set pieces is worth the time.

Old armor sets gave specific set bonuses when a certain number of pieces were equipped. Some of these bonuses were so good (Knight's Captain) that using them beyond mod 6 (before the bonuses were removed) were desirable. However, Cryptic has gone a different route with armor, putting specific bonuses per piece, so that players can mix and match armors over various campaigns, and the bonus effect completes the build, and the stats become secondary. This supposedly enhances the player experience as they search out that RNG drop for armor (e.g., survivors wraps for a dps GF, etc.) that would just be perfect for a niche build to get to META.

The Gallant Armor's has 4 pieces that (unless you login at a specific server reset time to take advantage of the overlap IOU quest) will take you 16 weeks to collect. Its Total Item Level rating maxes out at a whopping 600, which is 30 above the next available (Stronghold MW3 +1 set) and 50 above Castle Ravenloft. However, the piece bonus for two of the items (the feet and the arms) are so bad that the stats in the pieces themselves would hardly make up for the loss of another bonus effect from an older piece of gear. The Gallant Arms give an increasing Arm Pen stat of 200 based on number of enemies confronted. This bonus shows how poorly the person(s) who designed and approved this piece know the game. Arm Pen has a usability cap at 100% (for Castle Ravenloft), 85% for Chult, and 70% elsewhere. Having increasing Arm Pen, when you are already at or near cap is a complete waste of a stat. But, if you are well below the arm pen stat, then the only way the Arm Pen stat will help you is, if you are in a battle with 5, the Arm Pen increases...meaning solo PvE (die too fast and don't need max arm pen), most dungeon mobs (die fast), and most dungeon bosses (solo targets) are out. Perhaps they thought of this as a PvP tool, well...no because PvP is 1v1 usually (200 arm pen), and any 5v1 (1000 ar pen) won't last that long before you are dead. So, the Arms bonus is just a thoughtless inclusion. Yet, there is at least a small use for those who want to forgo Arm Pen and get that small increase up to cap (and maybe go over). But the Gallant Feet/Boots bonus is an absolute disaster. It is more of a gimmick, like the coin shower that follows you around, rather than something useful. The summoned sword does very poor damage, offers no buff or debuff (like maybe I was hoping), and frequently gets stuck in terrain and does not even move with you if you go from one mob enemy to another.

Such thoughtlessness in armor bonus design should be addressed BEFORE mod 16 comes out. Who knows if a level cap raise is coming? But it has been said that all new armor and weapons are coming, which means the grind for Gallant gear is all but pointless (you might get 1 or maybe 2 pieces if you are diligent to do the K team every week) before the next mod drops sometime in late February or early March? And, the 16 week grind for the Gallant Gear would start AFTER you have completed weeks to unlock it. And that assumes you can do every K team dungeon anyway. I avoided K Team CR because, well, it would have been the biggest waste of time trying to run that bug filled mess with even less stats and no deaths.

So, to Cryptic, I hope you put more thought into your player base and what bonuses you put into your armor pieces. I personally don't want gimmicks. Keep the gimmicks for stuff you can collect in events, and leave the armor sets alone.

Thanks for reading!
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  • wylonuswylonus Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,360 Arc User
    16 weeks or maybe longer depend on players for personal drive or motivation, or they get skip for next mod release. it is lost cause for devs, cant please every players with different taste or mode of playstyle.
  • callumf#9018 callumf Member Posts: 1,450 Arc User
    I guess if you are in a great guild with great players then the hardcors mode dungeons could be fun.

    I dont fancy pugging Castle Never on minimum item level though ;)

    Gallant Armour isn't for me. Good luck with it though
  • wylonuswylonus Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,360 Arc User
    i dont have any or both CR or AI's top end reward armor sets.
    so badly out of reach for many players, most would just skip and go over to next mod set.
    it is impossible for "Achievements" goals and it would take 2-3 years later to go back for achievement.

    armor sets from Pre-Mod 6 were pretty well made as a set if collected for bonus buffs, and current sets since Elemental-Maze were on the track, some newer sets dont have bonus.
    seem devs dont want to put bonus due to class skills and buffs, and they still dancing around class balances and not finish, we all been waiting for 3 years (coming soon in end of may). need to get it done once and for all, we are not going to wait 2-3 more years for final class balances.
  • callumf#9018 callumf Member Posts: 1,450 Arc User
    wylonus said:

    i dont have any or both CR or AI's top end reward armor sets.
    so badly out of reach for many players, most would just skip and go over to next mod set.

    I rather fear that the new trend is to gate everything behind the top end game content instances such as skirmishes and dungeons that are hard to complete with a pug group.
  • vorphiedvorphied Member Posts: 1,870 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    I honestly think that the devs made it i600 for giggles and slapped on random equip bonuses knowing that most players would either skip it because it’s bad or skip it because they can’t reliably complete K-Team.

    The Gallant junk is just a collection of shinies to further distract players while the devs keep working on mod 16.

    Fridge Logic: the gear is purposely subpar because it’s an extended fake gold metaphor from the same campaign that pays interns in acorns. WAI.
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  • pitmonster#5684 pitmonster Member Posts: 535 Arc User
    I talked my daughter into doing the next mod with me, she left the game after hitting the "grind wall". I grabbed her account and have been running her main to get it leveled up. Was thinking of doing K-Team with it (its an OP so it can survive and tank just fine) but after reading this and other blogs it sounds like I can skip this just fine.
  • namelesshero347namelesshero347 Member Posts: 2,083 Arc User

    I rather fear that the new trend is to gate everything behind the top end game content instances such as skirmishes and dungeons that are hard to complete with a pug group.

    New trend? It's actually the same old trend. I got my first piece of primal gear when it went into the seal store. ToNG pugs were like CR pugs today. You had to be very lucky or very well-geared and well-connected to successfully run them on a consistent basis.

  • jonkocajonkoca Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,586 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    I think many people pick and mix their armor these days. My pvp archer has 2 pieces from CR, 1 from chult hunts, 1 from SH mysterious merchant. My PVE combat has 3 from barovia hunts, 1 from chult hunts, and my buff build has 1 gallant, 1 SH mysterious merchant and 2 barovian hunt. Rings and waist/neck pieces from all over the place.

    The gallant pieces are good for rounding out stats on secondary loadouts, HP and item level. Mistaking them for Bis, or having ever being intended to be Bis, is erm, a mistake.
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    No idea what my toon is now.
  • klangeddinklangeddin Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 882 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    Now imagine if next mod releases IL 650 gear. =D

    Anyways, I think that the k team dungeons are more of a "stress test" to finalize a feature that will allow them to raise the level cap in the future without trivializing all the old content. Pretty much they're looking for a way to avoid what happened in mod 6, and this k team must be a part of it.
  • silverkeltsilverkelt Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,235 Arc User
    If every new mod released all updated armor/rings ect.. that means we would all have to replace everything every 6 months, in addition since you can earn a maximum of only 1 a week IOU .. you are talking about a rather lengthy time to get this armor set.. heck the new mod might roll around before I had earned enough..

    Right now they are doing a mix and match approach , so some set pieces might be better then others, that is fine, it avoids having to regrind everything so often and make for multiple mods to be semi relevant for multiple classes.

  • pitmonster#5684 pitmonster Member Posts: 535 Arc User
    I noted before in another thread how the power creep is ruining NW (like it does every other game). It basically makes old content more and more useless and dated and the new content the only content worth doing. Its also a bit lazy in game development; instead of bringing people in to the new content because of maps and story, its just to grind for new and better gear. IMHO, they should keep the power the same and just make new effects.

    And frankly why are you getting things like hit points, critical strike, etc from armor? I mean it makes no logical sense. Armor and such should add up to a +5 defense and affects and that's the cap. I mean I get it, its a video game and so far removed from reality that it makes pen and paper D&D look like you are playing "Real-Life(t)".
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