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Acquired Treasure Chest is not available in the Reward claim agent.

plasticbatplasticbat Posts: 5,954Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User

It is supposed to be available until Dec 6.
It is not available at the moment.

Someone made a post last night and I replied that (because I also did not claim it).
Somehow, I could not find that post anymore.


  • vincentr6669vincentr6669 Posts: 235Member Arc User
    My post was erased because it violated a specific rule.

    Anyway, the problem with the pack still persists.
  • rudyirudyi Posts: 2Member Arc User
    Stop erasing posts please!
  • naoqueroforumnaoqueroforum Posts: 225Member Arc User
    Yeah, I know quite a few people that were also not able to claim it, while others were able to claim it twice.
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