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Wondorous of Gond Event rewards drops are a joke and need a rework as soon as possible

arcanjo86arcanjo86 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 995 Arc User
edited November 2018 in Player Feedback (PC)
All credit to Rainier for testing these out and showing us that the event is broken and needs rework
Creation of wonder pack was tested by a player, he oppened 3588 creations of wonders pack and the reuslts:

Mounts: Ammount

Mount Choice Pack 6

Mount Choice Pack II 0

Wondrous Gizmo 3582

Refining Items:

Refining Points 656/pack

Greater Mark of Potency 125


Uncommon Insignia of Gond 3028

Rare Insignia of Gond 554

Other Rewards:

Professions Pack 2073

5x Preservation Wards 1218

Gond’s Anvil of Creation Artifact 87

Blacksmith(companion) 1

Coalescent Ward 1

Forgehammer of Gond 1

Only 1 forgehammer of gond artifact, really? 0 Mount Choice Pack II really? 1 Blacksmith(companion) really?


  • regenerderegenerde Member Posts: 2,642 Arc User
    Don't forget to add the Mechanical Altar and Profession Nodes rewards to that list.

    Not to mention, that the whole refining process needs some serious slimming down. And that the "Profession Packs" are completely worthless, the percentage on those Supplements are way to low to even matter, i burned through several of them during crafting without seeing any improvement in the results.

    And for the love of Gond, please change that Apparatus Doohickey and any other "Limited Event Item" to bound to account.
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  • pitmonster#5684 pitmonster Member Posts: 535 Arc User
    One of my biggest complaints is the lack of transparency when it comes to "random" changes. Just spell it out for us, math will not scare us. TELL US WHAT ARE CHANGES ARE for each reward!!!!! I actually wanted a blacksmith companion but I now see that my chances with the tiny few I was able to open was almost nil. Just tell me so I don't waste my time.

    In fact just get rid of the random chances. I don't mind grinding for something I want, just set the price and I will grind or choose not to.
  • mithrosnomoremithrosnomore Member Posts: 659 Arc User

    In fact just get rid of the random chances. I don't mind grinding for something I want, just set the price and I will grind or choose not to.

    This for me.

    I could easily be overlooking something, but most events offer up their rewards at a set price; Get X amount of event currency, buy special event item X. Get Y amount and buy special event item Y. Simple.

    Having to grind for things that I then have to refine that could disappear at any point on a failed attempt and then probably get some stuff that was in no way near the effort?

    That doesn't sound fun.

    If they want to keep with the crafting element of things then let players buy components that are used in special crafting projects to build their own mounts.
    Just set the price of the components and let the players buy what they want.

    If they want to add a random element then let that come in the form of special drops; Rather than enemies dropping event currency let them drop event boxes that drop event currency 99% of the time but that other 1% they drop something special.
    Either one of the purchasable reward items or possibly a completely unique reward only available from that special drop.
  • aerthynaerthyn Member Posts: 66 Arc User
    Problem with RNG is its just that RNG. I opened up less than 100 creations and got 4 blacksmiths, no forgehammer though which would have been nice, however I do think the overall chances are poor in the RNG in the game in general.
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