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Professions - Sorting new applicants

I am posting these as I come to them in my play.

Got 5 new applicants at my desk. Great. I go to the first one and look at it... OK, not sure if I want to accept it, how does it compared to the other ones.... what? I have to either accept or decline this one without looking at the other ones. WHY!!! Its a stack of freak'n applications, why can't I look at all of them before deciding the one on top?

I mean this does not even make logical sense!


  • dionchidionchi Member Posts: 907 Arc User
    I think we should be able to review all applicant qualifications before having to decide whether to accept of decline each one without reviewing the other... good catch.
  • elfarchelfarch Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    I'll be absorbed by this mob, (sic) fersure.
  • nathanjmnathanjm Member Posts: 103 Arc User
    Agreed: new applicants need a comparison view against any other applicant and/or existing artisan. Any equipment (e.g. ring) has a comparison view against what you already have. Applicants don't, unless you have an offline spreadsheet.

    Here's my $0.02 on how to make this UI usable: think of it like sorting your hand of cards (e.g. Dominion), possibly laid out a Scrum board with post-its. I'd like a grid-like view of existing artisan cards, showing the total number of artisan spaces my workshop upgrades have unlocked. For bonus points, have a status row showing how many per category (Alchemy, Artificing, ...) I have, such as '1 white Alchemist, 1 purple'. New applicants' cards are at the bottom. If I click on any artisan card to select it, then hover over any other artisan card, the difference view appears. There's a discard bin off to the side, and a OK/Cancel buttons.

    This way, the comparisons are facilitated, and I can see all applicants at once, and manage them.

    Please feel free to take this idea and run with it.
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