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About those +1 resources

adinosiiadinosii Posts: 3,785Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
I have run into some strange things, but unfortunately my available time is very limited for the next few days, so I am hoping someone else can test this and see if this was just a fluke.

First, it was said that using all +1 resources should give you a 20% bonus, right? Now, I have been playing a bit with this, and it feels like something is wrong - specifically, when using maybe just few +1 materials and the Focus that is displayed should maybe give me a 5-10% chance of a +1 result, but I am getting a +1 result most of the time....way, way more frequently than the numbers suggest I should get.

Maybe it's a fluke, or maybe just a problem with the recipes I was using, but has anyone else seen this?

There is another issue - if using all +1 materials gives the maximum bonus, I might want to do that, but for some materials there is no +1 version- specifically the Merchant-bought materials like Alkali and Red Rouge. How about having the merchants sell a +1 version too, maybe at double price?
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  • grogthemagnifgrogthemagnif Posts: 1,397Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    adinosii said:

    How about having the merchants sell a +1 version too, maybe at double price?

    Not a good idea. +5% is a good idea. Besides the Professions vendor should be selling the +1 versions he collects for base price because if you sell to him that's what he pays.
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