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Returning Rogue!!

verbicideverbicide Member Posts: 3 Arc User
Greetings fellow Rogues, I'm returning to the game after 2 years away and well I logged in last night and was completely lost haha, I had no clue as to what im doing, what items in my inventory did or even what buttons to press, I only played for a few months so didn't get very geared out, my main focus is going to be on pvp once im geared which I know im going to have to pve for...

so lets get into what im after.... a bit of advice really,

just to clarify I am lvl 70

ive used Enyo's 12b execution build for my skills... if theres a better build to be using it would great if someone could link one for me, im very adaptable when it comes to playing so I can play different styles, my preferred style of play is in and out of stealth hard hitting.

as for gear, I know things like titansteel daggers will take quite some time to get but was after something I could get that will be great for using until im getting top tier weapons, at the moment im using dagger of elemental fire in mh and elemental fire stiletto in my oh, both are blue at the moment.


I've only mentioned the purple items and not the blues.

Head: elemental alliance assault mask.
Chest: Elven raid vest.
Arms: Drowcraft gloves.
Feet: Dusk raid boots.
Rings: Elemental alliance assault / Ring of brutality +3
Shirt: Drowcraft undercoat
Artifact: sigil of the trickster

I have no notable mounts, just the basic starting ones.

if there is any advice people could give on top of what to improve here then that would be awesome.... many thanks in advance...

also a nice universal pve build would be nice so that I can do a bit of farming.


  • gromovnipljesak#8234 gromovnipljesak Member Posts: 1,042 Arc User
    Okay, the keys you want to use are Alt and F4 - TR is getting curb stomped.

    You can follow Peanut Stabber guide otherwise.
  • verbicideverbicide Member Posts: 3 Arc User

    Okay, the keys you want to use are Alt and F4 - TR is getting curb stomped.

    You can follow Peanut Stabber guide otherwise.

    yea, im not the kind of player who turns tail and runs just because of nerfs or buffs I like to ride it out and adapt.

    but thanks for the advice on a guide, will be a nice starting point for me to work from.
  • crollaxcrollax Member Posts: 255 Arc User
    tr is dead for loosers , trs are even more amazing next mod
  • blur#5900 blur Member Posts: 490 Arc User
    @verbicide Like mentioned above take a look at Peanut Stabber guide or at the shorter version which is mentioned on PSG's first page. You can get very good gear in Barovia but the best rings are in Chult's second part - Omu, which for you will take some time to unlock.

    TR is not dead in mod15 but its not better than it was in m14, not even close, at least in PvE.
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