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RP reward track total lowered - lost RP milestone rank during event

archdruidessarchdruidess Posts: 4Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
edited August 2018 in Bug Reports (PC)
I forked over the AD for the 5x bonus on my main character in the hopes of hitting the 100k goal and receiving the milestone rewards for that RP track during this latest event. Unfortunately, I experienced this bug and wholeheartedly regret the decision to spend my AD.

The very first day, I hit the first milestone and received the rewards for the 25k RP. Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact chain of events or what I was doing when this happened. The only facts I remember for sure are I have VIP, I had done a few dungeons (CN, Cragmire for daily random, CN with alliance, Demo), was messing around in Omu and Barovia with hunts and heroics...But when I returned to PE, I happened to look at my RP total. The bar had dropped far below the first milestone reward mark and I was now sitting at 10.5k RP instead of somewhere over twice that. The last I had looked, I'd acquired 26.8k, and definitely more as I had played further. Probably closer to 50k

Contacted customer service, submitted in-game bug report. Customer service's reply today said to post here, so here I am. I kept trying to reach the 100k goal in hopes of achieving my initial intentions, but I never really recovered from losing all of that.

Upon passing the first marker again in subsequent play sessions, I did not receive the 1st tier reward a second time. However, it gave me the second tier reward only after the SHOWN total reached 50k. As in, the original total was disregarded and whatever bug this was simply wiped the progress - it wasn't a bug with the counting bar, but with the count of total RP. After seeing that, it was frustrating, disappointing, and I knew I didn't have time to complete the entire bar and had wasted the AD I'd spent.



  • nitocris83nitocris83 Posts: 2,705Member, Administrator Community Manager
    I'll pass this on to the team so they can look into the report. Thanks!
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