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Class related. Mechanics of classes. Feedback.

dolreydolrey Posts: 627Member Arc User
edited July 2018 in Player Feedback (PC)
Hello :) Lately we got some official spoilers about something for PvP incoming in modules 15 and 16. As for me (player who like PvP and play it often) it is very good and long awaited news (and I am sure that a lot of players like it too). And in this thread I would like to write some thoughts how to refresh mechanics of some classes to make PvP for many players much more fun. I suppose that mod 15 is already in process so I hope that feedback written here can help to improve the game.

First I would like to give short overview of strongest classes for PvP now to show which level of power is needed for other classes to play against them in PvP.

Trickster Rogue (TR)

Many experienced PvP players would call TR the best class (or at least one of the bests) for PvP now. And I would like to start from TR to show which level of power is needed for some other classes for comfortable game process in PvP.

The strongest mechanics of TR now is his feat [Shadow of demise] (later SoD) which deal piercing damage ignoring targets defence. Of course in mod 14 this feat got nerf in PvP and deal now high damage only if TR overplayed his opponent (with same item level of course) and caught him when he was without defensive abilities. I am NOT going to talk that TR needs a nerf (all is fine in my opinion) evertheless many classes now still have no effective mechanics to play against TR and his SoD what makes him one of best classes for PvP.

Guardian Fighter (GF)

The next one who I would like to overview first of all is GF. Guardian fighter with high item level in build oriented on damage is very strong opponent for every class. Here I would like to shortly describe his strongest mechanics which help him to be stronger than many other classes to give to developers some feedback about which level of power is needed to play agains GF in PvP now.

GF has very high damage in one target (thank to different feats and buffs such as [Into the fray]). In addition to this GF has strong control what help him to deal all his damage very effective not letting for his target to break out of GF's "wombo combo". Yes important GF's skill [Bull charge] don't prone targets but insane Gf's movement speed still let him to end his combination.

You can say that a lot of classes have high control and damage but why GF is so strong? Gf is so strong in PvP now because in addition to his high damage and control he has one of the best protection on his shift key. And exactly this help GF to dominate over many of his opponents in PvP. I remember those times of modules 1 and 2 when GF's shield was absorbing fixed amount of damage what allowed for other classes to counter his shield using their damage. But with current mechanics of GF's shield you just can't start your combination because GF always stay behind his shield ignoring your control before starting his combination. In my opinion this is one of the main reasons why it is so hard to play agains GF (you just can't take down his defence and can't start your combo while he can).


Let's go to some other game classes which have outdated mechanics and aren't adapted well for PvP now.

Great Weapon Fighter (GWF)

I would like to start exactly from great weapon fighter because he is most comparable to guardian fighter. And in order to briefly describe the problem I would say that GWF has nothing for PvP. He has no piercing damage like TR has. He has no strong control like GF has. And what is the most important GWF is the only melee class who has no self protection in PvP at all.

I am not sure that usual increase of damage can help (because as we all know GWF is one of the best damage dealers in PvE). This is why I would like to suggest to buff GWF only in his mechanics not increasing his damage to don't affect PvE.

So, my concrete suggestions are:

1) Indomitable battle strike

This is the main source of burst damage of GWF. But it is not targeting skill (I hope that it is right term) what means that if your target will make some steps to the right or left you will miss. In PvE it work fine because monsters almost always stay on their position and it is easy to hit them. But in PvP it is impossible to hit any character with this skill because they always move. My suggestion is to make this skill targeting. For example going back to GF (exactly to same change of [Griffon's wrath]) I can say that change like this really improved [Griffon's wrath]. And in my opinion this change can help to GWF in PvP but it will not affect PvE.

2) Takedown

This skill is good for stopping your opponent with next dealing damage. But this skill has absolutely same problems as [Indomitable battle strike]. And my suggestion is same. You also can change only [Takedown] to make from these two skills a combo (using first one you can stop your target and only then you will be able to deal damage).

3) Unstoppable

This GWF's class mechanics is very outdated from the point of view of PvP. First of all usual increase of defence just does not work because every "heavy" class (such as GF GWF and Paladin) with [Negation Enchantment] has over cap of defence (needless to say how bonuses to defence are useless for them). My suggestion is to change bonus to defence on bonus to damage mitigation. It will not make GWF overpowered in PvE but finally can give self protection to GWF in PvP.

4) Daring Shout

Again going back to GF I can give example of change in GF's skill [Line breaker assault] which was changed from giving damage resistance per every target hit to fixed amount of damage resistance. And I think that [Daring shout] needs in same change. You also can change this skill from giving damage resistance to giving fixed amount of damage mitigation (about 15% would be fine in addition to change in [Unstoppable]).

5) Reaping Strike

Some bosses in dungeons or heroic encounters with special attacks apply stacking debuff on characters which decrease their defence (it also has animation of broken shield above the character). It is not good that GWF (strong warrior with two-handed sword) has no mechanics to play against tanks in PvP. And I think that if [Reaping strike] (when charged fully) will apply that stacking debuff it can help to GWF to break thru high defence of tanks. I also can argue why it is a good idea. Charging [Reaping strike] GWF moves slowly what help to fast characters (who isn't tank) to easily dodge this attack. Also in PvE this skill will be not so effective because in speed runs it will not be rational for GWF to waste time stacking this debuff on crowd of monsters before dealing damage. So as you see this new mechanics will help to GWF only against tanks and will not affect PvE.

Developers also can see in their statistics which skills of GWF aren't popular too and make same changes to them (not increasing their damage just making them more practical).

Oathbound Paladin

Paladin in PvP has 2 problems. His main defencive mechanics (temporary hit points and shields) are ridiculous because in module 14 their amounts in PvP are decreased by 75% (not by 50% as before). And the second problem is that paladin has no damage mitigation. Maybe the reason of first problem is game bug (because in patch notes there was no information about this change). To decide second problem I can suggest to change OP's shield (in path of protection) from 80% damage resistance to 40% damage mitigation plus 40% damage resistance. I think that this change can help to OP to feel much better in PvP.


I know that CW, SW, and maybe HR and DC also need some improvements but I don't know their skills and mechanics good enough. I hope that other players can create same threads with good feedback about mechanics of those classes.

So thank you for your attention and sorry for my english :)
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  • demonmongerdemonmonger Posts: 3,350Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Trickster rogue.
    1) gloaming strike needs to activate faster...
    2) saboteurs need more damage bonus from behind with gutter born feat.
    3) shadowy opportunity feat needs a damage increase. (Saboteurs)
    4) duelist flurry needs to adds bleed stacks 100% on each successful hit
    I hate paying taxes! Why must I pay thousands of dollars in taxes when everything I buy is taxed anyways!
  • demonmongerdemonmonger Posts: 3,350Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Control wizards
    1) cc diminishing returns should not effect them.
    I hate paying taxes! Why must I pay thousands of dollars in taxes when everything I buy is taxed anyways!
  • yirarax#1742 yirarax Posts: 27Member Arc User
    Warlocks need shorter activation times for their skills. You can't use them most of the time because you get interuptet.
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