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Thank You Note to the Devs

pitshadepitshade Posts: 4,317Member Arc User
Mod 14 has added a number of bugs and seen the return of old ones. I don't want to handwave the issues a lot of people (including myself) are facing. However, there are a few things that really do stand out in a positive way.

The new hunt system is great, rewarding and social in a way that mast ones lacked. Add to that all the random drops and coin farming and there is lot to be grateful for with Barovia. I have gotten good upgrades, stuff to auction off and a lot of salvage.

Adding the ability to hide enchant visuals i
has been requested since Beta. Past teams either ignored player's requests or answered in dubious ways. The current team made it happen and it makes characters look so much better. Combine this with all the newly once again available transmutes and it is a wonderous thing.

Astral Diamonds in the shard bank. This is such a major improvement. I stockpile RP during double ennchants and sell later. Now I can sell on the storagage character and move the AD, rather than using a tedious workaround or else have to move all the items.

+5 Pet gear. This isn't huge in and of itself. It is nice but the stuff wasn't common by any means. What makes this great was that the devs corrected a past design decision and not only that made it retroactive. Too many times in the past, things which were released broken just stayed that way, even if a fix was later made. This change gives hope that when things go wrong, at least some of the time the people affected won't just have to deal with it as has happened so many times in the past.
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  • nitocris83nitocris83 Posts: 2,695Member, Administrator Community Manager
    I'll make sure the Devs see this (a number of them are out on vacation this week) but on their behalf, thank you!
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