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I have been running a few times into making the mistake of double clicking the tab speeding the process resulting in loss of astral diamonds. Maybe they could fix this and make it so that when someone who is a hyper cliker like i am doesn't run into this problem. Sometimes it makes me so mad to the point of wanting to quit. Like ask if the person is sure to spend those astral diamonds in speeding the process or decline. One thing is doing it by mistake and another is having your hard earned astral diamonds taken on something you didnt even needed to do just bc you "accidentaly" double clicked.


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    Damn thats sucks :V I have once done this and blew 10k or so... Over windows that are like this is the Vote to Kick from Instance window... the Circle button on Ps4 is the Decline instead of X... If its mid battle they might spam Circle and then decline the vote.