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Official Feedback Thread: Ravenloft Instance Quests

Quests in Barovia

There's lots of evil to defeat in Barovia!

This thread is designated for feedback on the following quests:
  • The Old Mill
  • Kiril's Cave
  • Castle Ravenloft
Explore the village, take on various quests and these instance quests will reveal themselves along the way. Enjoy and let us know what you think or if something breaks.

As always, thank you all for playing and taking the time to provide the feedback that is so important to us. See you on the preview shard!


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Bug: When Strahd attacked us on the bridge, he did zero damage.

Feedback: There should be more spiders!


  • murphystoutmurphystout Posts: 9Member Arc User
    I am unable to pick up the Sun Sword in the Ravlenloft Instance Quest.
  • onodrainonodrain Posts: 287Member Arc User
    Fantastic ambiance on the three quests. The color palette, music and visuals were great. I had no issues with running the instances. I ran these all on my Protection Oath Paladin, 14k iLevel without SH boons, so only about 48% ArPen. Made some of the fights much longer than they would be on live.

    Was wondering if the drop rate for rares is better in these quests.

    Kiril's Cave

    The werewolves really like to knock you prone. I liked the story line and the opportunistic nature of the werewolves. The fights were fun and dynamic. It was difficult at times for me to keep Combat Advantage.

    I had expected this to become a weekly quest, but instead Company of Wolves is an ongoing daily with only 5 omens. Similar quests in Omu/Chult were weeklies and gave 25 campaign tokens. I feel it takes too long for just 5 omens. You can skip a lot of the trash mobs leading up to objectives. But it is still too long for me to run each day.

    The Old Mill (The Old Bonegrinder weekly)

    I liked the witch "sisters." That each of them had their own vibe was cool. When fighting in the Old Mill, it was intuitive to get the water and put out the fire. But I did not figure out the bonegrinder. I went to where it showed the binegrinder to be, but there was nothing to click. I did not see anything else around the room. So I just killed the witch. It seemed to be a step that was not necessary.

    I was given The Old Bonegrinder (weekly) as soon as I completed The Old Mill. It seems you can do these weekly quests once per day, but they only give 5 omens. Is this something that is changed when it goes live? On Live will you get 25 omens and it is weekly?

    Castle Ravenloft

    I just got this quest today. I loved playing with the Sun Sword. I think it will be fun learning to use the sword for the dungeon.

    I did not see how to charge up the Sun Sword. Maybe I missed something along the way. But it never seemed to charge.

    The fights leading into the Castle were easy, which allowed me to acclimate to the sword. The fight with Strahd was more challenging and it seemed epic, due to its length and difficulty. When Strahd would place the explosives, I would run in a line on one side of the courtyard. When they were pulsing, then I would use the sword to quickly move as far away as possible. Then rush Strahd as he emerged. I guess with the proper timing, I might be able to use the heal ability when the explosives go off. But I did not really have time to play with all the options, as I was trying to kill me a vampire Lord. =p

    I was not given another weekly. The fight with Strahd takes a long time, like HOC and Fane. So I expected to get a weekly quest that would allow me practice time with the sword, so I could learn fight mechanics.
  • murphystoutmurphystout Posts: 9Member Arc User
    I was able to pick up the sun sword today by jumping in the air over the sword and hitting the "f" key to loot. I was able to save Ireena and finish the progression.
  • free2payfree2pay Posts: 278Member Arc User
    edited June 2018
    Previous feedback deleted. DC survivability appear to be improved after NW.100.20180529A.1
    Post edited by free2pay on
  • onodrainonodrain Posts: 287Member Arc User
    edited June 2018
    Kiril's Cave (Company of Wolves)

    As my previous comment said, Kiril's Cave becomes a weekly called Company of Wolves. Company of Wolves is given daily on test. It only gives 5 omens.

    When you are in the cave, you can run past all the mobs up until the Alpha Leader. If you do this, I think the Alpha Leader should be able to summon the cave to his aid. This would keep most people from bypassing the content. And be a big surprise to them when the cave shows up. People would only make that mistake once! (unless they were able to take on the entire cave) haha

    If you bypass the content and do minimal, this quest does not take long. But other campaigns with similar quests provided more campaign tokens, presumably because you "bought" the quest.

    The Old Mill (The Old Bonegrinder weekly)

    This becomes a weekly quest that only gives 5 omens. I initially thought I had gotten it daily. But it turns out I had completed the quest initially on a Sunday, then got the weekly quest that day. Then on Monday, the week started and I received the quest again. The Old Bonegrinder is truly a weekly quest, it is not available daily like Company of Wolves.

    Castle Ravenloft does not seem to have an associated weekly quest, unless Shadows of Strahd is that quest. But there is not a weekly quest that allows you to practice the Sun Sword abilities.

  • onodrainonodrain Posts: 287Member Arc User
    When I did the weekly "Old Bone Grinder" it gave me no omens. Is this intentional?

    There is no Castle Ravenloft weekly quest. I expect the devs want people to run the dungeon to learn the sun sword mechanics? Not a biggie either way. ;-)
  • aramar#2835 aramar Posts: 1Member Arc User
    I am unable to proceed in Company of Wolves. I was able to finish it the first time but unable to go into Kiril's cave since then. There is nobody at the fire to meet to progress through the quest. Am I missing something?
  • spunkmeierspunkmeier Posts: 576Member Arc User

    I am unable to proceed in Company of Wolves. I was able to finish it the first time but unable to go into Kiril's cave since then. There is nobody at the fire to meet to progress through the quest. Am I missing something?

    I posted it in the bug reports but will post it here too and this is broken pathing as the golden path points to campfire instead of to the corpses you need to interact with.

    At the bridge is a corpse that can be interacted with, just after the bridge is a second corpse that you can interact with. If you interact with the corpses the pathing fixes itself and you can complete the quest.
  • pitshadepitshade Posts: 3,587Member Arc User
    Ignore the quest tracker. There is a body before you cross the river. Click it. Quest tracker shoukd update and now be correct. Regardless, find the second body past the rock on the far shore. Click that, then proceed to the cave. There are no people to interact with, just do the fights.
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