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The Call of Mystra Alliance is looking for guilds!

vespera33vespera33 Posts: 18Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
Call of Mystra is a social, semi-casual, LGBT-friendly community with strong membership in both North American and European time zones, as well as friends in Asian and Australian time slots. Our members--and especially our officers--are allergic to drama. Our community vibe is typified by casual banter and a not-negligible amount of swearing, so to be safe we're going to call ourselves an 18+ guild, but have younger members, parents, couples, and people from all walks of life. All we care about is that our community members come online to have fun and be good to each other.

What We Offer

CoM is GH20, and fairly active during the two time zone groups listed above. We're looking to help smaller guilds develop their strongholds, while also offering training and endgame runs to players looking for advancement. While your guild grows, you can take advantage of our Rank 10 Marketplace and other amenities, talk to our mastercrafters for help getting top-of-the-line gear or furniture together, and when possible we might drop resources into your coffers as well. (We're kind of lazy, but everyone still needs guild marks, right...? :p ) We have several knowledgeable members and class mentors that can help newer players (or returning ones!) build or rebuild their characters when needed.

We have four very simple rules:

1. No glitching or exploiting.
2. Don't be a jerk.
3. Try to be inclusive when forming parties.
4. If you have a problem, please talk to an officer.

We elaborate a bit on these in our official rule listing, but these are basically it.

CoM and (some of) its officers have been around since 2013, and the most important aspect of this game for us, now, is community. If you would like to join ours, please contact one of the people below so we can talk:

@vespera33 (EU)
@seraphimrush (US)
@shadows1313 (EU)
@Taliesin-Nefzen (US)


  • txfox99txfox99 Posts: 62Member Arc User
    Hello CoM. Very creative recruitment spheel. :)
    Elowen (CW) Teagan (DC) Aednat (GWF)

    Guild Leader of The Sword Coast Knights

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