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unbarbunbarb Posts: 10Member Arc User
edited April 2018 in General Discussion (PC)
I could not find any sources that prove if the primal weapons effect proc with self-heals or not... and the description in the game is unclear.

Maybe a mod could tell me (and the players who still don't know) if it does proc with self-heals, thank you.


  • zomak#4611 zomak Posts: 223Member Arc User
    Lifesteal doesn’t proc them. If you have a healing spell that heals for enough that might.
  • unbarbunbarb Posts: 10Member Arc User
  • pitshadepitshade Posts: 4,317Member Arc User
    DC spell Divine Glow procs the bonus quite easily even soloing. Probably a lot other DC powers do but never get the chance. Lifesteal AFAIK does not. Others have tested this although I have not. Fighters Recovery (GF daily) procs it as well so I assume any dedicated self heal (Restoring Strike GWF) would do so as well.

    It can also be procced witb powers that self harm like Warlock's Bargain which triggers instantly from the 15% hit.
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