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Rise of Tiamat timer doesn't count down

icyclassicyclass Member Posts: 207 Arc User
I haven't checked if it happens all the time, but yesterday I Random Trial'd into Tiamat and the timer did not ever move from 25:00. The phase timer for killing Tiamat worked fine, but Elminister never turned back time and we had unlimited tries. Since we were not doing the trial it would have been nice to just fail instead of being stuck there forever (or having to abandon instance).

Hoard rewards were at level 1 in case that's significant.


  • ilithynilithyn Member Posts: 452 Arc User
    Been this way since the launch of Omu, reported it back then. And yes, it's consistent I've run this god knows how many times since Omu launch and the timer never counts down.
    Also, it's at all hoard levels so I doubt that is significant.
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