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In-Game Mail System

jaraxellejaraxelle Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 31 Arc User
Currently the in-game communications system regarding the mailbox is lacking and not user friendly. I had better options back in 1993. Right now we have the system where you need to be at a mailbox to receive / send attached items in one or all of the provided 5 slots. I respect this and understand it may be to prevent getting mailed things on the fly while in a dungeon or so. Sending simple message and guild mail without mailbox is fine in my opinion. Things that need to be addressed :

1. Having a mail SENT tab. There is nothing more frustrating than typing in someone's name typing a whole message, pressing send... just to find out it never left because the account you are sending to looks something like this : [email protected] . I don't have a 70" screen to properly see what is a letter, number or vertical bar... and unless the person is in your friend's list or has just typed in chat... there is no way to copy paste that from anywhere.

2. Copy / Paste. As a guild leader I often post links for my fellow guild mates to follow, whether it be to the forums, and article or even a survey for next boon plot. One cannot copy paste from a received inbox message. It is frustrating to the general user to write that address down and hopefully input it into their browser. Let's face it, not all links are simple and short. A copy paste function from received inbox messages would be a serious improvement. I have many members that do not speak English and have no way to copy paste my mail into a translator. I have backyard mechanic'd this by sending them individual mails, at one point in 11 different languages. That was just crazy so I let Facebook do teh work for us and post there and individuals can use their translator. I cannot force a player to open an FB account to read something from Neverwinter.

3. The number of allowable characters in mail. Can this be increased please?

4. This is not likely to happen but... I understand why there is a space limit to how much a user can hold in their inbox. Many ... back in the day prior to on the fly RP, you know when you had to store stacks of RP in your mail so you could have 4 precious spaces of bag space... Is it possible that there is an auto-force function to a guild mate when it is a GUILD MAIL? I understand, each player is responsible to clean out their own stuff, but to give them a full and informed gaming experience.

There are some other ideas but keeping in form of the game, I would not expect something as elaborate as an Outlook or Yahoo platform.

Thank you for any considerations, I am available to clear up any pre-coffee scribblings I may have typed above.
- Leadership Team
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