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Acme GH 15 Recruiting Active Members 60+

karawyn#9331 karawyn Member Posts: 1 Arc User
Acme is currently a GH 15 that is looking for active level 60+ players to join our ranks. We are a Drama-Free guild in an active alliance with two rank 20 guilds. We have weekly and daily alliance and guild activities as well as offering an array of player assistance. No donations are required but players are asked to donate needed resources for guild advancement.

Guild peak time zones are: EST, CST,MST, PST and Hawaiin-Aleutian

Boons - Power, Armor Pen, Lifesteal, defense and XP

Alliance - Steampunks

Current Guild Size 56/150 Gamertags

For more information contacts are:

Fusion - @Fusion1357
Kaylee - @Baylee Baylee
Isadora - @Mistress37
Dethrah - @Slapsofreality

When responding please let them know that you saw our recruitment on ARC.

Guild Website: www.facebook.com/groups/NWACME

Thank you for taking the time to read the post and hope to see you in the guild

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