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Does fishing in SOMI still provide good RP?

Hi guys!

I was wondering if fishing in somi is dead after RP changes, or we can still grind some good RP with treasure maps from it? Will appreciate the answers, thanks!


  • clericalistclericalist Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 595 Arc User
    I heard people say that it can drop the brilliant diamond, if its worth the grind I am not sure, the odds of getting it just don't seem good enough to grind fishing. I think it is better to get the wanders fortune mount bonus, slot in fey/quartermaster/etc enchantments and get your RP from enemies from your campaign, dungeons and skirmishes.
  • rainer#8575 rainer Member Posts: 272 Arc User
    The SOMI treasure maps drop lots of voninblood (if you need it for keys/relic gear/boons) and a chance on RP, with the main RP reward being either 1 brilliant diamond (25000 RP)/1 blood ruby+1 black opal (6000 RP)/2 black opals (2000 RP)/1 Black Opal+2 Flawless Sapphires (2000 RP)

    Do remember that these rewards are *doubled* during 2x enchants/runes/gems!

    The chance on the brilliant diamond is actually not that bad... it seems to be higher than 1% at least, and farming 100 maps isn't that much work.

    I will be analysing these boxes soon in a video.
    For who's interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdftDhXyVy4Y4OGF7ktw5Yg
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