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Lightfoot Thief. Some clarification needed.

Just dropped this fella in Illusionists Gambit of all places. (Can't get a companion piece worth a damn but hey ho.)

Can anyone give me details on how the Active Bonus works?

I.e. is the "level" they speak of the companions Item "Level", it's "Rank" or my "Level"?
And does it stack?

In fact, the "does it stack?" question comes first... cos if it doesn't I don't care how much damage it does.

But I've got a CW who does an awful lot of AoE crits, and I'm trying to figure out whether to swap out the Earth Archon for the Thief. Trading a scaling bonus for a flat rate usually rings alarm bells for me, but this one *might* be worth it...

I've done the usual trawling through the web, but can;t find much beyond opinion and people repeating that "it's still broken"
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