Chult Boons

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Chult boons are weird but interesting for us gwf dps.

It is debatable what could be better between the + 500/750/1000 Power and the + 5%/10%/15% damaga against Dinosaurs. The first is a bonus that is OKish in every possible situation. The latter is useless against anything but Dinosaurs, but when fighting Dinosaurs it becomes a massive damage upgrade.

What i want to focus on for this thread are the tier 4 boons.

For us dps I think the choice would be between

1) Soul Syphon - Chance on Hit to gain a stack of Soul Syphon. On killing a creature, you release all stacks of Soul Syphon in a burst at nearby enemies. Each enemy receives 2000 damage per second lasting 1 second per stack of Soul Syphon. You restore 1% of your max health for every stack released. Stacks up to 10 times.

2) Lingering Curse - Chance on Hit to apply Lingering Curse your target which lasts for 10 seconds. Can be applied once per 60 seconds. When a target which has Lingering Curse is killed, its soul explodes out at a random enemy within 20 feet, causing 30,000 damage and applying Lingering Curse.

Has anyone made any calculation about which one nets more dps?

They both look aimed at trash killing. Soul Syphon sounds like more dps on trash to me, but it's just by reading the tooltip.

Just for the sake of having every boon listed, here's the last two:

3) Death's Blessing - When an enemy dies nearby, you reduce incoming damage by 1% and gain 1% increased incoming healing for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

4) Impenetrable Jungle - Chance on being hit to gain a stack of Impenetrable Jungle. At 10 stacks, the next hit taken will release a burst, rooting all nearby enemies for 4 seconds.

What boons did you pick and how is it going?


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    console gwf here and I maxed the hunt side of the campaign so no boons as of yet but dino slayer looks pretty much as a go to with the "best" hunts in chult being dino mobs and the upcoming skirmish also having dinosaurs. that said, 1k power looks alot more valuable than it seems with the upcoming bonding nerf. curious about soul syphon and curse though so, sub posting
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    im actually the gwf carry
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    Ok, so apparently Lingering Curse nets more damage than Soul Siphon.

    Soul Siphon is basically AOE damage over 10 seconds plus 1% health per max 10 stack = 10% health when an enemy dies.

    Lingering Curse is more like cursed enemy dies, other enemy takes 30k damage and becomes cursed. That could lead to some nice chain reaction, with cursed explosion everywhere.

    In the thread elybeats linked, the author said it's 970k overall damage for Lingering Curse and 758k for Soul Siphon in his tests. So we have a 212k overall damage difference when doing dungeons. It wasn't specified which dungeon it was. But just by looking at the damage we can say Lingering Curse is (more or less) 128% as effective as Soul Siphon ( (970x100)/758). The sample is quite little, but that's all we have for now.

    So, as the author said, looks like Lingering Curse it's the way to go if we're talking about pure damage,


    personally, i think a difference of 212k damage over a whole dungeon run is negligible. That's like three swings of our sword.

    Would you rather swing your sword three more times over a dungeon run or would you rather have a self heal on top of like 80% of the damage you would get from picking the other boon?

    I'm still far from getting those boons, so i can't test anything right now. By the way, I'm still thinking about wheter to pick 3 power boons, or a combination of power plus +damage on dinos. Probably gonna get at least one dino.

    Anynody else willing to share his feedback on the boons?
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    While I don't have them and don't really care to get the boons at this time I'd take it even at a 200k difference. Imo, At endgame at least when it comes to racing, anything that gives you even something as small as 1% increase in damage is an advantage, otherwise it is so small who really cares. When it comes to healing though I could care less. We have the ability to get all the life steal that we could even need so it would make healing from boons and other sources not really a good option. I will say soul siphon seems very good for soloing however so it definitely has its uses.
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    If we really want to minmax our damage, then Lingering Curse is probably the best choice. But i don't think the difference between Lingering Curse and Soul Siphon (with the self heal ultiliy) makes the choice clear cut. For example, let's take a Epic Temple of Spider run. If you're a dps (like a GWF), you're probably doing anywhere between 120 million and 70 million damage. Let's say 85 millions, just for the sake of it. We have a difference between the two boons of 212k.

    212000 over 85 millions is 0.25%.

    That's the difference in overall damage we'd see if we were to pick Lingering Curse instead of Soul Siphon. And, since these boons look more trash oriented than anything, we're not even talking about "meaningful" damage, aka on bosses.

    Of course, I'm missing some information here. I don't know where the author of the other post made those runs (i asked him in his thread), so the difference may be higher or lower, depending on the dungeon.

    I'll edit the post (or make another post) as soon as i get an answer.

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    A lot of boons are very minimal in damage but they all add up. Lingering curse is small by itself but together with other minimal boons the amount of damage adds up. Still very small, but like I said, an increase when it comes to top dps runs.
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    As it turns out, the dungeon in which the tests were run was Tomb of the Nine Gods. On the other thread, dragonsbane3 said that the average total damage done for a dps in that dungeon is anywhere between 1.3 and 1.8 BILLIONS. That's a lot more than the total damage dealt in a EToS run, so that makes the difference between the two boons even more negligible.

    Now, let's say that the average total overall damage dealt in ToNG is 1.5 billions (with our data it should be 1.55 billions, but it's not gonna make that much of a difference). Let me copy paste what I wrote in the other thread:

    Our data is:

    Total average overall damage 1.5 billions.
    Total average damage from Lingering Curse is 970k. Overall, that's about 0,065%
    Total average damage from Soul Siphon is 758k. Overall, that's about 0,05%

    The average difference in total damage between the boons is 212k. Overall, that's about a majestic 0,014%.

    So, picking up Lingering Curse instead of Soul Siphon would give us a whopping 0,014% more damage in a ToNG run. As dragonsbane3 said, that's really not noticeable. I think dps characters would be better off picking Soul Siphon to get up to 10% of their health back every time they kill an enemy on top of dealing oh so much damage.