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Loadout "Safe zone"

I'm no great fan of the way loadouts work, but I've set one up on my CW anyway... I have a simple open mob based PVE set up and a boss level set up. The basic character is identical on both, and since I can't switch out companion or mount bonuses, I basically switch gear and chisen power set ups.
At the point where you enter the final room of a dungeon there is always a camp fire,allowing you to switch loadouts.
But when you complete the content, you are stuck with the one you went in with, till you leave and find another camp fire or "safe zone".

Is there a way to make boss fight rooms become "safe zones" on completion? At the same time as the exit portal appears, that way, you can switch back before you leave.

Otherwise, for the actual good they do, I might just as well switch my powers and gear the old fashioned way at the camp fire and ignore the wonders of load outs completely


  • draconislupusdraconislupus Member Posts: 205 Arc User
    There only 1 dungeon that I have found that you can't run right back out after the fight to the campsite and change back. That being Sky Pirate. As a matter of fact I tend to run the dungeons backward afterwards to pick up what everyone else runs past.
  • draconislupusdraconislupus Member Posts: 205 Arc User
    Granted I haven't run all the epics but Malabog and Kessell you can go right back out to the previous campsite afterwards.
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