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Mod 11 overview.

jonkocajonkoca Posts: 2,586Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
edited April 2017 in PvE Discussion
Speaking as someone who grinded mSVA for the epic somi weapons, and having completed the mod 11 campaign recently I've got to say mod 11 for me was a huge non-event of a mod.

Like many I rushed to open mSP, only to abandon it after a couple of runs, along with most of my guild, because of the absolutely awful loot-to-effort ratio.

Strike one.

I also had high hopes of modifying my pet's gear from loyal avenger to double offence slots with the new skirmish... only to be faced with atrocious rng, and bronze pugs.

Strike two.

And finally, the boons. Uninteresting, underwhelming, and basically leaving you with the feeling of "erm, could you refund some of my life please..?"

Strike three.

Unrelated, as an HR, the new weapon enchant retrofit was no more than a novelty, vorpal combat and dread trapper metas didn't change, and refining the orcus set for want of anything better to do on double rp weekend... still bugged for the key HR powers, careful attack and gushing wound...

I really, really hope that 11.5 pulls neverwinter out of the precipitous nose-dive it's been in for the last 6 months, even my elephant like attention-span is waning.
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  • pitshadepitshade Posts: 4,495Member Arc User
    Mod 11 has been kind to my alts but my mains are cooling their heels at the moment. (or farming writings for the alts). Sadly a lot of my guildies are slowing down or taking breaks. I've completed Spell on DC but still need it for the achievement on CW, and no one is running it. FBI has gained in popularity...

    I do like the campaign, barring some issues, but it would be nice to have an expansion that was just new (or old...) dungeons and skirmishes and not just for the 3K+ crowd.
    "We have always been at war with Dread Vault" ~ Little Brother
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