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Zulkir´s Dreadnought: WRONG IL AND STATS

Hi, I´m playing on PS4 and Xbox one at the same time, mostly PS4 now, trying to get my Zulkir´s Dreadnought chest piece from Valindra´s Tower, but I see the stats are not wich supose to be like on Xbox and PC, it´s 140 IL instead 150 IL and all stats are obviously very reduced, they weren´t that way at the start of module 10.5 because I checked them but it seems that by some reason in some way the stats and IL have been changed, I would like to know if this stats and IL gonna be fixed as pair with the other 2 plataforms (PC and Xbox One) to keep trying to get it or if not going for the Spiders 150IL chest piece wich isn´t better for my build than the Zulkir chest but 10 IL and the reduced stats makes a big difference, I added 2 links pictures of pictures taken on Xbox one and PS4 form the same piece from GF characters to prove it, both plataforms supose to be at the same module and content, so i don´t know why that single gear is different when all the other gear is the same, thanks for the help

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