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Old transmutes in maze engine campaign shop

krymkackrymkac Member Posts: 210 Arc User
edited October 2016 in General Discussion (PC)
"Maze Engine Campaign Store: Purchasing and opening an Armor Package (e.g. Elemental Air or Dread Armor) on one class now unlocks that same pack to reclaim for free on all other classes"

So i finally got 6k supplies required to buy dread legion armor package. Bought it on my cw sent to gf to open... only to find out cw armor inside 0_0 Moreover i cant claim free copies of the said package on any of my character, even on cw/gf i originaly bought/opened it on. Is it really one purchase only and i have to farm another 6k supplies again on the class i want the armor for?! Description in the shop states you get free copies once you bought & opened a package... Latest patch notes states it also unlocks same package on all the characters... So... WTF?!


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