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Neverwinter running on an old micro PC

samerikersameriker Member Posts: 169 Arc User
If you are running an older machine or laptop, this could be a solution for some players.

I formatted my old single CPU, Zotac Micro PC with Linux Ubuntu 14.04, and then set Neverwinter to run in WINE 1.8.4.

CPU Intel Atom D510 / 1.66 GHz Dual-Core
Data Bus Speed 667 MHz
250 GB HDD

Yes, this is not much more than a laptop. New laptops have better than this old micro PC. For years I ran XP on this, after buying a new desktop I had this lying around and thought about selling it on eBay. I can only get about $75 to $150 for these, so I decided to keep it.

A doctor, who is a long time friend, told me he was running 100% Linux. I asked him how he managed to play Neverwinter with me? He told me about WINE and Play on Linux. I decided to convert this old PC and see how it works.

First you need to download Linux, Simon recommended Kubuntu, Lubuntu, or Xubuntu for low memory machines. I just went with ordinary Ubuntu Linux. I have no CD drive, but it is possible to install using a USB thumb drive. There are lots of options to install Linux, you can have both Linux and Windows 10 (dual boot) giving you a menu to choose OS at start up, full system format (my choice), or just try it out without changing anything on your system (loads from CD).

Next up, you need to install WINE or update it. By far, Play on Linux is the most simple install of WINE with menus and icons. If you install it manually, as I did, it is a bit more work, but there is plenty of help available.

Note: WINE is an acronym, some say stands for (Windows Emulation) others claim it is not emulation but an overlay and the acronym some say stands for (WINE Is Not Emulation) so two schools of opinion, but perfectly legal since it uses no Windows or Microsoft software unless the user added it themselves.

I installed Neverwinter using a 32 GB thumb drive to transfer the entire Cryptic folder from my current PC to this one. Other options are to use the old non-Arc Launcher still available. Using Arc is possible but since it tends to use up memory, I didn't install the Arc Launcher.

With the game running I took a memory check and got the following results;

Neverwinter Client: 852,540K
Wineserver: 3,792K

I can't get frame per second on this, but I am guessing somewhere in the mid 20's. It gets choppy in PE and Neverdeath Graveyard the FPS is pretty decent. Of course, I am certain this would work tons better on my newer PC, but as I said this was only an experiment with an older machine. I hope the information and the links below help people struggling with older models and laptops.

You can use other Linux distributions, but I only know for sure about Ubuntu. Ubuntu 14.04 means it was released April 2014, there is a new release every 6 months but as I said "old machine".

Here are some links: http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/
WINE: Play on Linux and WINE HQ and database Reviews
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