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AD Nerf - They Forgot About Newbies and Soloists!!!



  • micky1p00micky1p00 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,542 Arc User

    You're setting up strawmen to knock down.
    Not a soul said any of that about the same rewards and equipment should be available blah blah....
    Opportunities to earn some AD should be available to players who don't want to run dungeons. End.

    And there are. Every campaign offers a weekly opportunity. And every daily lair should as well. As I said, every campaign should be equal in that respect. But I see no reason to award more AD than that for relatively trivial and easy content. I really don't. If there were really hard solo instances, then I would have no objection to increased rewards. But there are none to speak of, apart from 2 WoD lairs. Maybe Biggrin's Tomb as well, but that's all. Rewards increase with the difficulty, as it should. We can debate the reward-difficulty ratio elsewhere. This is not the thread for it I think. But the system itself is fair enough.
    Oh please the weeklies are a joke you and you know it. Its far more efficient and you gain far more AD just ignoring them and running dungeons. The community has turned speed running into an art form, in the time it takes to do AR you can queue up and run Cloak Tower twice. So, if they are not an acceptable alternative for the dungeon kiddies why should they be for anyone else?

    The problem is, its not some fun filled romp with friends and giggles, and is a far cry from your MMO delusions. Dungeons are run for speed, assembly line style, no talk, no looting, no fun, just follow and hope you can keep up. You wanted to kill stuff? Too bad, the 4k GWF leading the parade killed everything long before you could even finish loading in. That is the reality of this game. That is the teamwork promoted here. The truth is, there are plenty of unsocial players doing it right, by your statements, by doing group content, and they are ruining it for everyone else.

    And as long as you make it the primary, if not mandatory, means of progressing. It will be stripped down by players until the fun is completely removed and all that is left is the progression, and done so as rapidly as possible. Is this honestly the spirit of teamwork you are promoting?
    1. The spirit of team work is the one you will set up. You queue randomly, you get randomly, you join a guild you will get a guild, etc... don't
    2. Weeklies are not slower than the leveling dungeons, in fact I believe they are faster and have higher reward (in AD), have additional RP and campaign currency that if nothing else is very valuable in SH coffers (if some solo player want to get rid of a lot of those, I'm willing to trade).
    3. And what spirit of teamwork you are promoting ? None as far as I can see. You are promoting solo play as a solo player, by definition it's has no teamwork at all.
  • kemnimtarkaskemnimtarkas Member Posts: 832 Arc User
    artanisen said:

    Sounds like me. I became a solo player due to all the trolling and newbie bashing.
    "look up the the wiki newb", "go to the forums newb", "Stop asking questions and go do some reading newb".

    I can identify.

    I especially love the idiots who feel compelled to share their profane and bigoted opinions about other players on dungeon runs, either in chat or worse, open - mic. I ESPECIALLY love the dunderheads who feel compelled to share their taste in music with the rest of us, through the entire run....because who doesn't want to listen to Russian heavy metal while running ToG or CN?

  • beckylunaticbeckylunatic Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 14,231 Arc User

    I ESPECIALLY love the dunderheads who feel compelled to share their taste in music with the rest of us, through the entire run....because who doesn't want to listen to Russian heavy metal while running ToG or CN?

    You can mute audio from individual players. There's a microphone icon to click. I had to trial-and-error until I found the right pug in Respen's Game runs that was driving me bonkers with microphone hisses and pops, but it most certainly works.

    Guild Leader - The Lords of Light

    Neverwinter Census 2017

    All posts pending disapproval by Cecilia
  • micky1p00micky1p00 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,542 Arc User

    Exactly, sockmonkey, that is ONE way this issue could be fixed. And you are correct, I was taking a gamble posting what I posted, knowing full-well many, if not most, would attack me for wanting to do anything other than grind dungeons and the stupid weekly quests that spit out a measly 4500 AD each per week (not really a whole lot there guys/gals). I used to be able to get 3300 AD for one character through invocation in ONE day as a level 70, and a bit less as a lower level character, but enough to grab an enchantment or two off the AH.

    So what you actually do ? If not the dungeons and not the silly weeklies ?

    BeckyLunatic made the most poignant point of this entire argument with this: "The solution is not that there should have continued to be AD on invoking, but addressing that fact that only a very limited number of Neverwinter's available gameplay activities award AD. If you want to "reward playing the game", then do it wholeheartedly. Don't "reward playing the game but only under these approved parameters"."

    And the subjective know-it-all up there ^ who thinks that you don't need AD if you are a "low-level character" is a putz. If my nerfed level 24 SW or GF needs a couple rank 7 azure, dark, or radiant enchantments to get through a difficult quest, he/she should be able to have enough AD stored from invocations to access the AH and grab a couple. Right? Because there is no help anywhere else. As of this ridiculous "not well thought out" update, there is NO WAY that level 24 character can do that. Not cool. So, in essence, my character is STUCK not being able to beat a particular boss, and the game is over at that point.

    While Beckys point about everyone wants shinies is a good one. You calling other names is not welcome.

    BTW, I run dungeons all the time, and I am always doing things with my guild, but my point was clearly made. It's not just about me, but my young son who is trying to learn how to play MMOs and my wife, who tries her darndest, but just can't get the feel of the keys right. A better artifact or an higher level enchantment would do wonders for them. Some people aren't GODS when it comes to running their characters. I have been playing RPGs and FPSs my whole life, and I can run with the best of them. I have earned Paingiver status and all that other nonsensical stuff, but someone needs to go to bat for the newbs, soloists, and those that just don't operate a mouse and keyboard as well as others. Not everyone, you know, is a GAME GOD.

    And here comes the Massive Multiplayer part, where you should join them and run those dungeons, or group content or weeklies (that all of them can be done in group)
    And make it a fun and patient experience instead of condemning them for the invoke game.

    No need to be a GAME GOD, this why people form communities, to help each other. Refusing that, perhaps looking for a different type of game is preferable? I don't mean it as offense, I just don't see any reason to stay here, with so many other games have better graphics, better story, adjustable difficulty, co-op multiplayer etc.. that are not MMO. Doing the same dailies over and over without any social interaction doesn't sound pleasant to me.

    Personally: asking for better reward for playable content is one thing, actively encouraging solo play in an MMO is totally another.
    For all I care add AD to everything, I will never say no to AD.
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