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Can we please get proper helmets for Dwarf race? Plus Battle Ram mount.

See my main class is a SW since day one, but I've decided to create a GWF dwarf, simply because I love dwarven race (and also to vary a bit in the game), but dude, it's so hard to come up with a full HAMSTER looking armor wearing the current helmets. I mean if you are a bearded dwarf there is very little options as the coolest GWF helmets will completely remove the beard when you put them on, or you get a full closed helmet not showing the face at all. Like I said very little options that will make your dwarf looks cool with a helmet. Mine doesnt wear one.

My dwarf has the super awesome hammerstone scale (and hammerstone greathammer), but that mask...Damn, it's so ugly, even so I never saw anyone wearing that thing. How come they have designed such cool looking armor set which is perfect for the dwarf race but yet no helmet to go with? Dissapointing.

Anyways is just a suggestion. I hope we can see new cool looking gear for the dwarf race when Storm King's Thunder arrives. fingers crossed.

As for the mounts, my suggestion for the dwarf race would be a Battle Ram mount, something like WETA designed for Battle of the Five Armies...


Thanks for your time and consideration.


  • sqyire#2121 sqyire Member Posts: 15 Arc User
    I second this.. I have a GWF as well, and no dwarf should ever have to shave a beard. Its a violation of all that is dwarf and the spirit of D&D. I just transmute a fool crown for now to get me by.
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  • armadeonxarmadeonx Member Posts: 4,952 Arc User
    So the issue is more about wanting to show off your beard rather than having ugly helmets? Of course, the helmets don't change depending on race - they are about class.

    You do of course have the option of disabling visuals on the helmet or searching the AH for helmets of any level for a non full-face transmute for your dwarfs head.

    My dwarf pally had his helmet disabled until I got the dragonflight. It is a full face of course. If I want to show off his beard I switch to costume.

    Whilst on the subject can I just tell people in general that the free spikey costume from the Maze campaign is truly ugly and I recoil every time I see someone wearing it...
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