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Fair Dinkum 2.0 - Australian and New Zealand SH20 guild

melindaozmelindaoz Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 114 Arc User
Fair Dinkum 2.0 is a family-friendly PVE Stronghold 20 guild where we work together to achieve character goals and have fun.
We're mostly active during the evenings (Australian Eastern Standard times) and weekends.
Our rules are #1 Have fun, #2 don't be a jerk, #3 not sure? see rule #2

We've been around since Beta (in our original guild form) and got to Guild Hall 20 with the help of our wonderful allies in the Tredecim (Greycloaks) alliance. <<our website is at https://cloakalliance.wordpress.com/ >> We are proud to be part of the alliance, currently helmed by Dragonarm (another awesome Aussie guild.)

Our members range in ages from 14-60+, and while we are mainly in Australia and New Zealand, we also have members in the Asia-Pacific region. Thanks to our international alliance, there is almost always someone on for advice and company.
We welcome players of all ages and experiences and characters of all classes and levels.
Quite a few of our players are female, including the guild mom, who will send you to the naughty corner if you get out of line.

We have a Facebook page where we share news, events and game-related tips or silliness.
We use Discord for voice chat - contact me in-game if you want an invite. You can listen to the range of accents :) plus the HAMSTER-stirring that Aussies are famous for.)

What is welcome: any age - any gender - casual or dedicated play - any contributions to team play, alliance mimics or our sense of the ridiculous.

What isn't welcome: Raiding the guild bank for things you can sell or botting the stronghold will get you kicked out. Using sexist, racist, excluding or offensive language in guild, alliance or party chat will get you a caution from the guild leaders. Repeat offenders will meet the guild mom's high-heeled purple kicking boot.

Want to join us? pm me or send me in-game mail @melindaoz or ask any random Fair Dinkum officer you meet running around Neverwinter.
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  • melindaozmelindaoz Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 114 Arc User
    Fair Dinkum is alive and well and looking for new members. We are mostly online during the Australian evenings and weekends, but are part of the Tredicium alliance (Greycloaks are our Helm) so there is always someone online to chat with and form groups. We are about to build our guild hall to Stronghold 16 and welcome casual or dedicated players who want to be part of our fun guild. If you're playing from Australia, New Zealand, the Asian-Pacific region or an insomniac American or European, come chat with any officer of the guild.
  • melindaozmelindaoz Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 114 Arc User
    Fair Dinkum is pleased to announce we are the new leaders of the Tredicium (Greycloaks) alliance as of today. We are about to reach SH18 on the way to SH20 and have some places available for people who are willing to join us, have fun and help improve our stronghold and alliance. Want to join us? PM me here or contact an FD guildie in game.
  • melindaozmelindaoz Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 114 Arc User
    Fair Dinkum has achieved all of our stronghold goals, and we are retiring from helm to give Wraithguard the privilege (and the huge building discount.) Thank you to all our allies. We still have space in our roster if you are looking for a new home with some nice boons to help you play (Temple, Stables, Barracks, Explorers Guild)
  • melindaozmelindaoz Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 114 Arc User
    Fair Dinkum still has a few places available in our Stronghold 20 guild. We're part of the Cloaks Alliance, currently helmed by Wraithguard, and we can offer a low-demand, friendly guild. PM me in game or send a mail message to @melindaoz to join us.
  • melindaozmelindaoz Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 114 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    Fair Dinkum's roster is almost full. We are saving the remaining spots for returning guildies and Australians/people living in the South Pacific. (Our purpose is to provide a friendship group active during the same time zone.) If you're wanting to join our awesome alliance and you don't live in our time zone, please contact "Ancient Spirits" or "Dragonarm"
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