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ArP and pvp

toporoktoporok Member Posts: 27 Arc User
I play a Righteous Cleric on Xbox focused on pvp. I remember reading Kaelacs Mod 5 Cleric guide some time ago and something he said about Arp not having any affect on encounters like chains or daunting light, BtS , has this been fixed in recent mods? Was it only a pve issue or pvp also? if this is the case this would change my whole offensive gemming focus from vicious to radiants.


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    putzboy78putzboy78 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,950 Arc User
    Kaelics guide was for PVE only and unforniatly the laggygamerz site has been down for awhile now (not sure when/if its coming back). I'm not sure why it would say DC encounters do not require armor pen because they do, with the exception of heals. As for pure healers its not uncommon to see them without armor pen as it doesn't impact heal potency. For Right DC you'd better be packing armor pen.
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    plaviaplavia Member Posts: 540 Arc User
    edited April 2016
    with tons on tenacity you need Arp to do decent damage. most PVP players stack it as much as possible.

    yet for DC, power effect heals and feats (battle fervor, weapon of light, AA)
    so power can be importnat

    for me power comes easy while ArP hard to stack, so i do try to max ArP as much as i can
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    adinosiiadinosii Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 4,294 Arc User
    Way back ArPen was really not required for DCs but that has all changed now.

    Like any other class you want ArPen high enough to get your RI up to 60% for PvE purposes and even higher if you are into PvP...150% is a good goal.

    The exception is if your PvP focus is not on killing but rather on being extremely hard to kill - the Unkillable Faithful Tank build - for that you don't need ArPen, obviously.
    Hoping for improvements...
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