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Armor Enchants for Protectors

ambrosianectarambrosianectar Member Posts: 136 Arc User
edited February 2016 in The Guard Barracks
I just finished testing every armor enchant as part of The Bowser (Spiked Turtle) reflecting GF build.

Sadly, I am now convinced that @denvald and others are correct.

Most armor enchants are useless for GFs, especially Protectors and reflector builds.

Frost: single target only is good for PvP but not for a GF in PVE. Also, a long Internal Cool Down

Fireburst: uselessly small AoE and long ICD

Thunderhead: chain is good for threat, but ICD is long and chains too rarely to be very useful

Bloodtheft: Unless you can afford Transient, you have to be nearly dead for it to lifesteal.
Also ICD is too long.

Barkshield: Stacks are discharged too quickly with even minor damage

Briartwine: good for a GF reflector build, but not for much else

Negation: great. Sadly, the only good choice.

Soulforged: Meh. Better than nothing. Good resurrection bonus with that Lathander bonus. But GFs need help with NOT dying.

Did I miss any enchants?
What are your thoughts on GFs and armor enchants?

Forget to mention Elven Battle.
I tested it a perfect EB...

EB: I had mixed results. This is a great way to achieve permashield with the Stamina regin.
But there are dozens of ways to stack Stamina without using an Enchantment slot.
Frankly, my Bowser Build has way too much stamina. The EB was overkill.

Leading to the second problem with EB for a Protector... with all that Stamina, you have permashield. With permashield, you are already resistant to most CC anyway.

Offered nice protection in CC heavy PvE environments for those transition-momemts when you have to drop shield to fire an encounter or daily.

So I'd say EB is a good option for protector if you lack permashield and have very high defense and survivability.
Negation tested better then EB on my Spiked Turtle.

Damage mitigation is more useful to a GF tank than CC resist in most PvE situations.
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  • kemi1984kemi1984 Member Posts: 849 Arc User
    edited February 2016
    Of course we can all use whatever we want, some will take the thing that best suits his character, kinda like a cosplay/roleplay thing ?
    But apart from Negation there's seriously nothing that can be any of use.

    All of those cool looking echants like Thunderhead, Fireburst or Frost would be better if not for the ICD. Of course same rule applies to the weapon enchants where we have a bit more to chose from (3 or 4 maybe).

    There were som valuable suggestions to make Barkshield stacks absorb percentage of wearer HP, but it received only a minor boost that still tossed it on the "not so good" shelf.

    Cryptpic definitely have to have a hard look on all of the enchants. Simple thing like removing or drastically reducing the ICD time, would be a huge step forward. At the moment we only see light bulbs or hellish demon gaze folks running around in Neverwinter (I still like my Negation visuals :smiley: )
    Nancy - Dragonborn, SM Guardian Fighter
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  • jokerswissjokerswiss Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 23 Arc User
    Barkshield is really bad choice for GF (will activate when you have shield on).

    I think you forgot about Elven which should be nice for your tanky GF (increase your stamina reg and you should be more resistance for immobilizes and stunes).

    Negation is overall good one.

    Soulforged is still imo no1 for PVE games.
  • zekethesinnerzekethesinner Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 805 Arc User
    SF is good for any1 who is bad at whatever he is doing. Second chance enchants basicly.

    I personally run with negation in pve, but i will be changing for elven soon (gotta make next T.elven ehhh coz my gwf dont want to give back his :/)

    So yeah, if u r not sure about ur toon, or u play squish, then sf is way to go, if u have confidence in ur skill, as tank, u have hardly any use of SF, elven is nice for more stamina return, especialy if u drop shield talent, negation is pretty neat when u get crazy amount of hits with KV (like phase 1 in edemo), thats about how i see it. Bloodthief is meh (FR alone does much more than this enchant will ever do), barkshield charges r usually eaten by 1 hit, so pointless. Well, thunderhead looks nice, same goes to frostburn and fireburst, but from the other hand... fireballs *.*


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