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My experience from Beta till now.



  • kvetkvet Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,700 Arc User
    To make matters worse, so far, Underdark appears to be the same stuff different version number. Some minor new features, but nothing extraordinary. Maybe we'll be blown away by what's to come, but so far it looks pretty much like just another grindfest campaign. Probably another Tiamat fight. Yay, since THAT was fun... (What was the sarcasm color again?). I'm still looking for replayable vs repeatable - nothing yet appears replayable... At all. Including Neverwinter as a whole.
  • vinceent1vinceent1 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,264 Arc User
    i dont expect anything from cryptic anymore. i will be somehow happy if they dont break game by overpowered gear and bugs more than it is now and rebalance ad costing and gaining more.

    the first obviously not gonna happening with that HAMSTER mount.

    On the other hand if you have module named Underdark, you can expect some zone for exploring there. Cryptic its epic fail that Underdark is only one Marketplace. there are still players that have expectations in the game, now prepare just for another exodus wave. sad to see how stupid this company is
  • kemi1984kemi1984 Member Posts: 849 Arc User
    Wasn't at all shocked when I entered the underdark area.

    I must say it looks nice, and that huge beholder creeping behind my back scared the HAMSTER%# out of me lol.
    When I learned that I have to go hunt some demons invading WOD ???.........OMFG nnnnnoooo !! :(

    It's far far to early to say how will it shape up. I really really hope it will be much better then the earlier "mods" that were introduced and quite frankly, killed the game for many of us.
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  • vinceent1vinceent1 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,264 Arc User
    at the end, if i can predict situation 2 months later: when i dont need necessary new zone or dungeon

    if i have

    somehow interesting Demogorgon epic fight reasonable challenged
    2 new solid skirmishes with some reward from it
    NCL back in place with rewards who motivate me to play it
    continued repricing and solid way to gain new AD
    ? Druid class on the way ?
    Guilds aliances to share boons (fleets) on the way

    i will probably continue playing more or less
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