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The stables

truckulatruckula Member Posts: 124 Arc User
The Stables
A place to house your mounts
I propose that the stables in the strongholds should allow the players a new type of "bag" exclusively for the mounts. It would work just like the idle companions "bag". But a bonus could be you could actually see the mounts stored in it roaming around the stables or even the stronghold itself.
I see a need for this with a constant release of new mounts. If you had or tried to get one of each type of mount you will eventually run out of space for anything else. I personally like to change up my mount based on a variety of factors, and just to have a different look, but with the additional abilities that mounts now have, this could become even more important.
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    theycallmetomutheycallmetomu Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,861 Arc User
    edited August 2015
    A bank, rather than a bag, would probably be more appropriate, but I agree. By giving players the ability to store mounts without them taking up precious inventory space, you allow the collector types the ability to get their collection on.

    Which, of course, drives zen purchases for lockboxes (and to a lesser extent mounts).

    Come to think of it, what about a zen item that allows you to purchase new account bound mounts, after you've already purchased one? For instance, someone already has a 110% speed mount for all characters on their account; they're not going to pay for a new mount at full price. But what if you give them a discount (50%+ perhaps; it has to be small enough so that the discount doesn't make buying a cheap mount and then using the discount to buy a more expensive mount than buying the more expensive mount outright... syntax on this sentence died, you get the idea).

    Stable slots themselves could even be a zen item, though since the actual utility of these are pretty low, I'd probably put it in as a very low cost zen store item (eg something like 100 zen for 5 slots; something that brings in a small amount of revenue, that most people will be able to afford if they really want it).
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