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Changes Coming to Vote-to-Kick



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    asterotgasterotg Member Posts: 1,742 Arc User
    So no more PuG runs with valuable class loot. For example AoW scales, HV-set and some other items went for 1 million ADs+ a few mods ago, so ppl did greed runs. If someone needed, he got kicked.

    Dont argue 'but he needed it', bc this were farm runs with maxed chars. Now you cant take a PuG player to complete your group or you might lose the loot, great idea, without the disable need option.

    No kicking at the endboss, good for you. Guess what will happen. Now you have a low IL PuG player, you carry him until you fight the boss and if he is to bad and you cant carry him to a win, you ask him to leave or kick him. With this changes ppl will stop runing PuG or kick bad/ low IL/ 'wrong class' players at the beginning of the dungeons. Poor HRs/ SWs who wont get a chance to show their PuG group, that they rock, bc many suck and they will get kicked just for playing 'the wrong' class.

    Great idea, to diable a valuable mechanic, bc some ppl abused it.

    New feat, go for a smoke and earn AD. How? Que for a short dungeon, join and go AFK. They cant kick you at the beginning and they cant kick you at the boss, so they cant kick you at all. I have seen this multiple times in CTA skirmishes, now available for all of NW.

    It is funny, that you open more ways to abuse your game, trying to fix abuse, smart moves there.
    Chars: CW, DC, GF, GWF, HR and TR.
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    dfncedfnce Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 509 Arc User
    Only valid option is to auto-kicking after 5 minutes disconnect or no combat activity. I experienced many times when my random party on first difficulty with second, third, last boss start kicking each other, new people coming and kick almost all previous party, irony when people think they kick weaker players won't be kicked themselves. Any other reason like vulgarity, bad gear, wrong skills - people have to live with that. Among other current reasons there are 1. kicking initiated in fight, 2. picking green gear, 3. taking unnecessary aggro when it can be avoided. I do appreciate we don't have valuable loot to roll in PC anymore in Mod 6, it became much more healthy and less toxic. Actually i would remove the loot roll feature at all, it is useless. Agree, developers don't understand their own game.
    "When no appropriate rule applies, make one up."
    — (The unwritten rule)

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    mattachinemattachine Member Posts: 189 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    kalindra wrote: »
    asterotg wrote: »
    It is funny, that you open more ways to abuse your game, trying to fix abuse, smart moves there.

    Well, you know Cryptic, that seems to be all they can manage, the limit of their professional ability.
    Because, competent and enthusiastic employees cost money and such limit the amount of profit you can press out of a company.

    I'm all for a change here, because kicking during loot distribution were common.
    But as usual, they overshoot by a mile and cause more harm than good.
    An option to disable the need option and blocking vote kicks during fights until all loot above the limit you roll for is distributed.
    And if you adjust Mob strength to party strength (IL), taking some newby guild member or poorly equipped random with you will be an attractive option instead of a burden.

    Or, like dfnce suggested, give mobs only fun stuff, no real valuables, and put all loot of value in the personal chest.

    The great thing about having it in the personal chest is that they can make all the "special" item drops usable by your toon. I've gotten many purple items that I've either given them away if they weren't bound or salvaged them because my toon couldn't use it.
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    soditalloversoditallover Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 88 Arc User
    So just had a look at the changes planned for the vote kick system some I can agree with but it has in my opinion not taken into account the different agreements that teams come up with.

    when you create a team and enter an epic dungeon you are at the will of the RNG gods and for some of us find this unfair so we as a team decide to create a loot drop order all good right everyone gets an item and all is fair,

    now when in a guild or a friends team this 99% of the time works well but however sometimes a player dc’s or you have to grab a pug and let them know that this is going to me a round robin party and they agree all good.
    Then you get the first drop and the pug needs/greed and everyone but the one who should have it passes and the pug gets it not fun and not what everyone wanted apart from the pug that is, when entering a dungeon as a premade we should be able to invite friends and also set loot drop orders manually keep this for random teams that queue individually but when you enter as a team you should be able to sort the loot out as a consensus.

    More options not less……..
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    mattachinemattachine Member Posts: 189 Arc User
    "We will be disabling all kicking while this interface is active to ensure that everyone who is participating gets a fair roll for the loot items."

    Here are a few examples you need to take in to account.

    Team members: 5 Guild members

    Team setting: Need/Greed

    Members agree to always choose Greed on all drops.

    A purple loot drops and all pick Greed as that is what is agreed on.

    Who gets the drop is random, but all have an equal chance to get it no matter what their profession is.

    Team members: 4 Guild members + 1 PUG
    Team setting: Need/Greed

    Members agree to always choose Greed on all drops.

    A purple loot drops and all pick Greed except the PUG who chooses Need. Contrary to what they agreed on before the run started.

    Who gets is the one who exploit the trust of the other team members.

    Team members: 5 PUGs
    Team setting: Need/Greed

    Members agree to always choose Need on all drops.

    A purple loot drops and all pick Need as that is what is agreed on.

    Who gets the drop is random, but all have an equal chance to get it.

    Except if the loot is not usable by a player due to that player's profession (I.e. daggers for clerics or bows for trickster rogues).

    If no one matches the profession the item requires no one can pick need on it.

    While I understand the idea about having some items only usable by some professions you can not limit the loot rolls on that fact. Loot rolls should always have all options available for everyone. If that was the case, everyone could choose need and it will always be fairer and random who get what drop.

    Why may you as would someone want an item that they can't use. To Give to an other Guild member, Give to an other of their toons or to Sell/Salvage them for Astral Diamonds of course.
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    fdsakhfduewhfiuffdsakhfduewhfiuf Member Posts: 604 Arc User
    While at it why not remove the useless need/greed system? You either want the loot or you don't want it. There just isn't any reason for having a third option.
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    linoge63linoge63 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 373 Arc User
    As long as you all demand group action and rally against solo dungeons that can be scaled to your current ability etc you'll face the negative music that comes from group action that everyone wants gone.
    Antisocial acts can and will always be a possibility in group activity as no amount of coding can erradicate it.
    Its just how the herd animal rolls ...
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    zukn75zukn75 Member Posts: 364 Arc User
    As a new player the one thing I don't like, hate in fact, most of all is the fact you're never given the reason for the kick.
    Was I undergeared in their opinion? Too slow? Died too much? Not doing enough DPS? Not healing enough? Stupidly standing in red zones and not dodging?Used an ability that causes problems? Taking too many AFKs?
    I'll never know and therefore never improve.
    This is partially due to the fact that communicating by typing in this game is so hard to do in combat.
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    jasperxdljasperxdl Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    too little too late but good to finally see some progress starting to happen
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    zefirootzefiroot Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 50 Arc User
    Dont know about this changes, but in the normal 3 player dungeons - like it was already said - you cant kick at all. I dont support kicking because someone is left behind but what when a member is disconnected and doesnt log back in?
    Yesterday it happened to me. Two of us - low lvl players were in and another one was disconnected. We couldnt defeat the first boss so we had to quit. I know high lvl players can solo it, but I cant. Also what if you get to the final boss and cant enter because of the same problem?
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    tripsofthrymrtripsofthrymr Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,624 Community Moderator
    If meaningful BoE drops are returning to dungeons, PLEASE add a loot mode GREED ALL. The only time I have ever voted to kick someone from a party is when we clearly had a gentleman's/ladies agreement to greed all, something valuable dropped, and one person needed. If you don't add a GREED ALL loot mode, and we have BoE again, loot-Ninjas will be the result of this change.
    Caritas Guild Founder (Greycloak Alliance)

    Sci-fi author: The Gods We Make, The Gods We Seek, and Ji-min
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    daeduswolfedaeduswolfe Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    Any change to the kick system needs to add an auto-kick for anyone that 1. Disconnects for more than a couple of minutes (it doesn't take that long to get back on), 2. Disconnects more than once, 3. Does not move for more than a couple of minutes.
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    arandompandaarandompanda Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 107 Arc User
    Can someone link the original post by the Devs announcing the changes to vote-kick? I've been checking the forums but I must keep missing it. Would appreciate if someone could link it for me.

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    erickamcvayerickamcvay Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    That can't happen any more, you can't kick someone until after a set time after entering an instance.[/quote]

    I have been kicked at the start of a dungeon, in the middle and at the end of the dungeon after trying to fight the boss, so I call bolonga on what is and is not still happening. I am an OP and they kicked me because I could not pull the boss through the at the end. After I spent the whole eCC dungeon aggroing ever room for them. I was kicked from a different dungeon while trying to explain to them how it could be done. So the kicking is still being abused.

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    solbergxsolbergx Member Posts: 654 Arc User
    I got kicked for no reason the other day, but it was the first time. I am planing on playing only with friends and guild!
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    asterotgasterotg Member Posts: 1,742 Arc User
    You want to make sure, that you will NEVER AGAIN be kicked from a dungeon? Slot a feyblessed enchant. The R5 enchant is a blue drop, personal, so no one besides you can get it. If you dont pick it up, BAM, they cant kick you (until it despawns after 10+ minutes) bc there is blue loot.

    When we farm HEs and someone forgets to leave the party before he changes his char, we have to dsisband the party, due to tha fact, that the DCed player (asking for an invite with his alt) could lose some 'valuable' blue item...
    Chars: CW, DC, GF, GWF, HR and TR.
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