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Radiant Volley and Phalanx Charge still bugged ...

for a reason a cant understand yet, radiant volley and/or phalanx charge sometimes hit and sometimes fails and i would say its a 50/50 chance right now.

i tried standing still for a lil while before casting still 50/50 fail/work,

tried hold it longer before releasing ... still 50/50 fail/work,

tried tapping it quickly still 50/50 fail/work ...

anyone knows THE trick to make it work more often than sometimes ?



  • I don't use phalanx charge, but I have been using radiant volley quite a lot, and I have never seen this issue.

  • I radiant volley all the time, no issue yet. Maybe using both spells are effecting it.

  • beleren#8232 beleren Posts: 66
    edited June 2021

    Phalanx Charge has been broken since the game launched and doesn’t hit anything half the time. It’s been incredibly frustrating because it’s one of my main damage dealers and crits for upwards of 1.5 million when it does hit but like I said that only happens half the time. It’s maddening that it hasn’t been addressed yet!

    Same for Radiant Volley and all similar spells that hit in a line they fail all the time too though not as often.

  • plamagicplamagic Posts: 11

    I second this.

    Especially all that hit in a line, except the black spell that deals DoT, Wailing Souls. I've not experienced that one failing. Though I don't use black sorcery as much.

    But Icicle fails 50/50 and 80% of the time if there is a land obstacle.

  • Well, I believe you cannot cast a spell through a land obstacle, it makes sense that if you cast a line damaging spell it gets blocked by the obstacle. Failing to damage enemies in the absence of any visible obstacles is another matter.

  • plamagicplamagic Posts: 11

    You can, test it yourself around a mana tower. You can target enemies through that just fine as well as other objects in skirmishes etc. The only thing you can't is an actual wall which makes sense.

    Anyway to compare, Tornado, Tidal Wave or even Magnetic Pulse have no issues with objects in the environment as they will still damage as well as CC the targets, unless again it is an actual wall.

    While with Radiant Volley and Icicle as well as Phalanx Charge, there is an issue there as it does not seem to work 100%. Note that is with the insert of objects in the way as well as with clear unobstructed view of targets. Those skills seem sometime-ish.

  • Then it may depend on the spell. I have tried to cast lava vortex and heavenly assault across obstacles (including a mana tower) and either you can't cast them or the spell is cast against the obstacle. And line damaging spells have always stopped against obstacles, at least in my case. What I have never experimented is line damaging spells failing to damage enemies without obstacles around, which seems very much like a bug indeed.

  • The problem with the damage in a line spells like Phalanx Charge and Icicle isn't with obstacles. They fail to hit all the time even if you cast them in a wide open field with absolutely nothing in the way. There is clearly something wrong with the coding of those spells and they have no idea how to fix it. They even acknowledged the problem with Icicle as a known issue awhile back although now I can't find any record of it because they scrubbed the known issues forum page (likely precisely because they can't fix them and this way at least there is plausible deniability that they didn't know).

  • vjmyrddin#1831 vjmyrddin Posts: 43
    edited June 2021

    I want to add my voice to the Phalanx Charge issue.

    I have created a control build and it is painful to see the charge an Abyssal Fiend and miss for no reason. No obstructions at all, just a pure miss.

    I am under the assumption that Phalanx Charge is a solid width like Psionic Shatter and expecting it to be a solid width from the left of the soldiers to the right.

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  • nah#7446 nah Posts: 442 Cryptic Developer

    We're aware of issues with Phalanx Charge, Radiant Volley, and some other projectile spells having issues hitting enemies consistently. Unfortunately we're still investigating why this issue occurs for some spells but we are fixing them as we identify the cause. (Icicle was once an affected spell but has been fixed.)

    We're sorry you're affected by this issue and thank you for your patience.

    Cryptic QA - Magic Legends

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