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elminsterbraselminsterbras Posts: 9
edited June 14 in Economy

The broker is broken. Each trade token buys 12 spell pages, but for me it's 1/1. This happened right after I reached level 10 on Aetheric Core.

Please guys, fix this or it's game over for me.

Update:Problem solved in the last update, thanks to the developers.

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  • huntsman#5572 huntsman Posts: 124

    This is a known issue. Do not upgrade to 10 right now.

  • This is a major issue that should be a priority to fix, leveling up the realm is already a slow and tedious chore without receiving such a huge penalty for doing it. Even if only a small amount of players suffer it, I believe the impact is too strong and may make many quit the game in frustration.

  • nah#7446 nah Posts: 442 Cryptic Developer

    Thank you for letting us know about this issue and we're really sorry that the aetheric core rank 10 upgrade is not working correctly.

    We're informed the dev team and will try to have a fix for this as soon as possible.

    Thank you again for letting us know and really sorry this has affected you.

    Cryptic QA - Magic Legends

  • beleren#8232 beleren Posts: 66

    Sorry to hijack this thread but I’ve been reporting another major bug for months and it hasn’t been addressed or even acknowledged as a known issue yet. I am referring to Phalanx Charge not hitting enemies about half the time. It’s a game breaking issue for me because my main deck is Blue/White that relies on the powerful critical synergy with stunned targets and Phalanx Charge is one of my main damage dealers. I feel like all the investments I’ve put into upgrading the spell have been wasted because it’s utterly broken.

  • stenislaustenislau Posts: 22

    Hi, just to add more sand to the pile. This is urgent since I have started losing Trade Tokens.

    I have a similar problem regarding spell pages, after I upgraded my Aetheric Core to 10, I get the error message trying to sell spell pages. "Failed to sell to broker.", can you have a look?

    World enchantment is fine, but not spell pages of any color.

    can we downgrade Aetheric core since it is buggy? this way I could avoid losing the tokens. Thanks

  • biglong1#7748 biglong1 Posts: 16

    Unfortunately, this comment comes too late. I was unfortunately not aware of the known problem and have upgraded to 10. Will you now be penalized even more if you play a lot???!!!! Without gold the whole stuff makes no sense, the tokens are lost day by day without generating gold.....

  • stenislaustenislau Posts: 22

    I lose at least 5 token everyday, this is damaging a lot my gold to max my realm. I doubt they would reimburse us for all this economy damage. This is annoying me to dislike the grind, which ultimately will end with a quit. -.- Serious things like this should be fixed asap imho.

  • nah#7446 nah Posts: 442 Cryptic Developer

    Fix is in today. Please let us know if you are still unable to use the broker after today's patch.

    Cryptic QA - Magic Legends

  • Thanks a lot for the fix. Now I realize that there was a general bug with aetheric core and you could buy/sell spell pages as indicated for the next aetheric core level (at level 9 I could buy/sell 240, which is supposed to happen only at level 10). That may be the reason why on level 10 it was reset. A pity that we have lost some adquisition power, but it's great news to know that we can upgrade to level 10 without worries.

  • Great, nice to know it is fixed, thanks. Now, time to earn enough money to upgrade it.

  • elminsterbraselminsterbras Posts: 9

    Problem solved in the last update, thanks to the developers.

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