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Booster Spell Pack Bugged out

So I caved and got a few boosters to aim for Divine Reclaimer. I opened several spells fine, till I got Furnace of Rath. The icon shows up showing that I unlocked the spell...except I didn't. Now the generic spell pack is stuck and can't be claimed nor can the infusions that came with Furnace of Rath. Anyone else has this issue?

I'm quite tilted right now. Tempted to contact the bank for a refund and leave this in the dust.


  • nah#7446 nah Posts: 442 Cryptic Developer

    Thank you for letting us know about this, we are investigating the issue with the booster pack spells. Please contact customer service and let them know you are having this issue while we figure out what is wrong.

    Thank you for your patience and we are sorry you have been affected.

    Cryptic QA - Magic Legends

  • scoutorbitscoutorbit Posts: 2

    Any ideas as to the timeframe for this fix? Or at least allow the Spell Pack to be claimed to get the remaining spells?

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