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When try to change the body type from male to female, i can't save the outfit to preserve the change

Hopefully this is the right place to put this. When I visit the tailor and try to change the body type from male to female, i can't save the outfit to preserve the changes, The button's "SAVE OUTFIT" appears in gray and when I place the mouse on it it says that; "You cannot use a costume with locked or unowned parts."

In a previous account I could change the body type without problems, and my friends can do it without problems, but now it is not possible for me, why? The official video that talks about it shows as if it's possible to do it, but I can't do it.

There anyone else having the same problem?


  • mroptimismmroptimism Posts: 2

    I'm also having this issue. I wasn't sure if it was a client issue or a character issue.

  • I am having the same issue.

  • eon#7921 eon Posts: 3

    The point is that i have created a new character in the same account, and when i went to the tailor i had no problems to change my body type and save outfit, that is to say that my other character has the problen, but I'm almost at level 30 and i get lazy start again xD! this must have another solution.

  • nath#9170 nath Posts: 233
    edited March 27

    I have the same problem. I wasn't sure if this was intended, but since they're calling it body type and not locking your character into a specific gender based on that, it'd be weird to prevent you from changing between masculine and feminine body types for basically no reason.

    To be clear, changing body types within the same "gender" works fine, but swapping between masculine and feminine prevents you from saving the outfit. It claims the outfit contains locked parts, though the body types don't appear to be locked, and it's not actually possible to equip locked parts anyway.

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  • Problem still exists - unable to change to change between "male/female" body types.

  • eon#7921 eon Posts: 3

    The fact is that i have created other characters up to a third character and this error has happened to none of these new characters, and i call it an error because in my previous account i have not had it either and i see that there are more people who do not.

    I do not see the reason why they should be blocked, when in the same official video about the tailor in magic legends it does not mention that the body type are blocked, Nath also mentions that these appear as usable, what it does not allow is to save the outfit, because it says that it is a locked object when it is not, and other blocked elements you can see them but you cannot even select them, it is more talk that we can change as many times as we want.

    In brief, for some if it is blocked and for others not, and only for some or a character in the account and for others not, here there is cat locked up! xD

  • I have yet to actually see any response by a dev to these posts. Are these supposed to go somewhere else to get attention?

  • kroggon#6227 kroggon Posts: 14 Cryptic Developer

    Hello All-

    A bit of info on from one of our devs:

    Switching between body types is supported, but sometimes when switching between body types, the tailor can't find all the currently selected parts on the outfit that are allowed on the new body type. When that happens, the tailor selects a new part to replace any unsupported parts, and sometimes the tailor chooses poorly and selects a locked part as a replacement.

    So when the saved button is grayed out after changing body types, go through all the parts in the costume and see if the tailor has selected a locked costume part.

    We're working on improving the smarts in the tailor so it won't be selecting locked costume parts in the future, and we'll be going through and ensuring that the tailor is reliably finding parts across body types.

    Producer - Magic: Legends

  • nath#9170 nath Posts: 233

    Alright so, just to be sure, I went and changed every single option in the tailor (all the clothing slots, and even face, hair, skin, etc.) after choosing a female body type.

    I'm not wearing anything that's actually locked, but it still says I am, and the save option is greyed out.

    If I change back to a masculine body type, the save option goes back to normal, without having to change anything else.

  • nath#9170 nath Posts: 233

    Wasn't mentioned in the patch notes, but it's fixed now, at least for me. 👍

  • Same for me. I've never been able to save an outfit with a new body type, but today, I can.

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