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April 29, 2021 - UPDATE NOTES

sofech#8663 sofech Posts: 6 Community Manager
edited April 2021 in Release Notes

Hello Planeswalkers! Your Executive Producer Steve Ricossa is back again to give a brief update on where the team is at. 

The Late-May Update is moving along very well with performance work, the onboarding experience, and a ton of changes in progress. We've also been working on a handful of feature improvements, including a random match system that will allow Planeswalkers to match for random group content at the difficulty of their choosing. This change and more will make for an even stronger play experience.

We've also noticed a lot of discussion around summons and their effectiveness at mid and late game loadout construction. While I'll hold back on details for now until they’re solidified, we've met and talked about near, mid, and long term changes to how summons work that should continue to improve their effectiveness.

Thanks for playing, and I'll see you in the multiverse!

Steve Ricossa

Executive Producer

Magic: Legends



  • Upon logging in you'll be granted a deck & loadout slot per class unlocked
    • This will remain true for all class unlocks moving forward



  • General:
    • Resolved an issue where Planeswalkers were taken back to Gavony World Intro map after activating then using Nani Oula's Hut respawn point for the first time
  • Gavony:
    • Gavony Story 1: Curse of Crussebourg
      • Removed the controller rumble when opening gates



  • General:
    • Rotating Shields has been dramatically simplified
      • Creatures no longer pass shields to other creatures
      • Every 10s, each enemy has a 20% chance to gain a shield for 5s
    • Unearthly Durability enemy glow has been removed
    • Removed collision from Parasitic Legendary modifier hazard
    • Resolved an issue where the following map or enemy modifiers would either not fire at all, or would fail to do damage:
      • Overgrowth
      • Betraying Ground
      • Enraged
      • Parasitic
  • Classes:
    • Sanctifier abilities now properly scale with loadout score



  • Resolved an issue where Planeswalkers would crash when traveling to shiv.



  • Resolved an issue where infusions could not be rebought
  • Resolved an issue where the Planeswalker Bundle could not be properly purchased if you already had a class pack
  • Resolved an issue where the class packs would remain in the store, even after being purchased

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